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BriefThe GuiltyTags campaign has a chilling message about child murders: not only the murderer is to blame. The distracted social worker, the school principal who chose not to believe: every person in the life of an abused child is responsible for stopping the abuse before it’s too late. GuiltyTags tells the true stories of nine murdered children by creating a network of profiles of every “guilty” person, each tagged on the child’s photo. Through images and comments, we learn the details behind the murders and the role each person played.
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Anunciante Innocence en Danger
Marca Innocence En Danger
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Sinopsis #GuiltyTags is an Instagram campaign that tells the stories of 9 child victims of violence, through the profiles of the 60 people guilty of hurting them. #GuiltyTags is not only the first documentary realized entirely on a social network: it’s a unique piece of design, made of thousand of social media elements, crafted intricately and put together to bring to life entire communities in vivid detail. Teachers, social workers, abusers, friends, family members were all reconstructed post-by-post by analyzing real cases of child abuse and their postings style was emulated carefully. The #GuiltyTags universe consisted of 1667 photos, 144 videos, 7200 Hashtags, 210 Memes, and 72 GIFS - all used to create a world that is explorable in 9.1 million ways.
Filosofía #GuiltyTags immerses users in digitally recreated communities – to uncover the harrowing truth about child abuse. We posted the stories of nine child victims on Instagram – based on true events. Then we created and tagged all the profiles that led to that child being hurt. It is the first first social network documentary, where users can explore the stories of each child through every person involved, with more than 60 profiles entirely reconstructed, post by post by analyzing thousands of pieces of data from major stories of child abuse in France. The deeper they explored, the more they realized that every profile was accountable – and that violence against children is a shared responsibility. Social media platforms on mobile have become a prominent way for the French to learn the stories of others - #GuiltyTags uses it to effectively tell the most important stories of all.
Problema Innocence en Danger exists to protect and defend child victims of violence. While perpetrators are tried and condemned, our ambition was to reveal the chain of responsibility that plagues the child protection system. Feelings of helplessness, fear of intrusion, reprisal and the bureaucratic complexity of reporting abuse are reasons that lead to people’s failure to assist a person in danger even though the latter is punishable by law. Conventional mediums that Innocence en Danger had used before – did not have the needed interactivity and connectedness to bring the idea to life. Instagram was specifically chosen due to its significant popularity in France – and it’s ability to create communities that are connected. The tag function of Instagram became a mechanic to pinpoint responsibility – and reveal the message.
Resultado The #GuiltyTags Instagram account got 7,333 subscribers in two weeks and caused over 3340 spontaneous social discussions. It went on to achieve a total of 48 million organic impressions including social, outdoor and PR (major French and international magazines like Le Figaro, France Inter, RFI, Creativity Online and many more). Innocence En Danger saw a 71% increase in online mentions over the two-week period. Local companies and initiatives rallied behind #GuiltyTags and gave it 90 thousand Euro worth of free media space. The campaign didn’t just touch millions of French people and increase the public presence of Innocence En Danger – it got them to take action and protect the children of their communities – the French Child Safety Hotline experienced three times more calls since the launch of the campaign.
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