BriefKFC is a major brand in hip hop culture.So we wanted for this commercial a very modern hip hop soundtrack that would contrast anachronistically with our 1950s kitchen scene.The track also had to showcase the crispy side of KFC chicken.In the following of the first film “KFC Crispy”, we worked with our own label. A beatmaker came up with several trap instrumentals.At the same time we contacted some young MCs who came to the studio to record vocals.After several demos, we continued with Anna Kova and SOSLO, whose flow fitted perfectly with what we wanted. “Too hot for you” (in reference to the famous kfc sauce) trap track was born.The editing was then done from the music.And we even made a longer track for the streaming platforms!
Campaña Crispy
Anunciante KFC
Marca KFC
Fecha de primera difusión/publicación
Sector Empresarial Restaurantes y comida rápida
Sinopsis Le Colonel Sanders va devoir composer avec un jeune équipier KFC qui va se retrouver projeté 70 ans en arrière, dans un restaurant de 1952. De cette rencontre improbable va naître une véritable chorégraphie culinaire dans laquelle le Colonel transmettra, avec son swag légendaire, ses meilleurs tips pour cuisiner le plus croustillant des burgers. L'occasion pour le leader du poulet frit de mettre en lumière ses burgers, dont la recette iconique a traversé les époques comme le souligne le claim : Croustillant depuis 1952.
Medio Televisión
Banda Sonora Too hot for you (Anna Kova/SOSLO)
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Director de publicidad
Senior Brand Manager
Brand Manager
Director artístico
Responsable de conceptos / redactor
Account Management
Account Management
Account Management
Account Management
Planificador estratégico
Planificador estratégico
Responsable de la producción
Productor de la agencia
Productor de la agencia
Food Stylist
Productor de la productora
Post-production Supervisor
Producción de sonido

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