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Dienerreihe 2
Hamburg 20457
Teléfono: (+49) 040 325423 0

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Competencias principales: Marcas / Desarrollo del producto

Fundada en: 1994

Premios: 384

Creaciones: 1

Clientes: 17

Kolle Rebbe Werbeagentur GmbH

Dienerreihe 2
Hamburg 20457
Teléfono: (+49) 040 325423 0

Mareike Boddin

Teléfono: (+49) 040 32 54 23-31

Stefan Kolle

Executive Creative Director

Teléfono: (+49) 040 325423 0

Jurgen Nerger

Executiv Creative Director

Teléfono: (+49) 040 325423 0

stephan rebbe

Chief Executive Officer

Teléfono: (+49) 040-325423-0

Kerstin Rohde

Management Director

Teléfono: (+49) 040 325423 0

Thomas Stritz


Teléfono: (+49) 040 325423 0

Andreas Winter-Buerke

Andreas Winter-Buerke

Management Supervisor

Teléfono: (+49) 040 325423 0

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About Kolle Rebbe Werbeagentur GmbH

The agency philosophy of kolle Rebbe is simple: There isn't one. this is because every client is different, every market is distinct and every problem requires its own specific solution.
However, there are two crucial things you should know about Kolle Rebbe.
Kolle Rebbe is a consultancy agency.
Our working methods are fair, open and cooperative. We are self-employed, do not belong to a network and are 100% independant. Correct consultation means stating our opinion - clearly and honestly, no matter how difficult this sometimes may be. At the end of the day, we are only interested in the succes of your company. Success is always the reward of a smart stategy.
Kolle Rebbe is a creativ agency.
Which means: we are constantly striving for a new, distinctive and unusual solution to every communicative task. The solution could be rational, or emotional, it could be funny, or serious. The key thing is that it must always be right. It must fit the strategy which agency and client have agreeed beforehand.
Kolle Rebbe is one of the 10 most creative agencies in Germany. Which just goes to show: our compaigns may be varied, but they set new standards in their respective markets. 


Inglés, Alemán
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