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Anunciante Guide Dogs
Marca Guide Dogs
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Filosofía Guide Dogs is repositioning itself as less puppy and more people-centred to draw attention to the services it provides beyond its guide dogs.
By nature of its name, most people grasp that Guide Dogs is a charity that raises funds for canine services. Though: "not enough people know about the breadth of other services it offers," explained Emma Foulds, director of marketing, digital and influencing at the charity.

Thus, Guide Dogs is launching its first multi-channel brand effort "to reach out to potential service users, their friends and families" who may not know about the support the charity could offer them, Foulds made clear.

Guide Dogs got Dame Julie Walters on board to narrates its TV ad, which does not rely on typical audio description. Rather than focusing on sight loss, the ad focuses on the relationship between a father and daughter.

Created by Karmarama, the ad features Alex Pepper - a former Met Police emergency call handler who lost his eyesight in 2016 due to retinoblastoma as a child.

In the ad - the father is supporting his daughter at her local football match. Aware that he won't be able to see the action, but desperate for him to be involved - the little girl narrates the game like a football commentator for her father to hear.
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