TítuloThe Tennis Club
Campaña Don't Be Old
Anunciante Schoonenberg
Marca Schoonenberg
Fecha de primera difusión/publicación
Sector Empresarial Otros
Sinopsis All hearing care ads look the same. Smiling old people with grey hair and grandchildren. A friendly ear doctor in a white lab coat testing the ears. A trustworthy voice over. That’s exactly the kind of stuff that turns hearing aids into things for old people, while there are over a million people in the Netherlands alone that are experiencing hearing loss in their early fifties.

People refuse to get hearing aids, because they think it makes them look old. While in fact the opposite is true. Because not beïng able to join conversations, having to turn up the volume of your TV so loud the neighbours can hear it or laughing just too late because you missed the joke, that’s the kind of behaviour that makes you look old.

Martijn de Weerdt, Marketing Manager, Schoonenberg: “People think wearing hearing aids makes them look old. But the opposite is true. Not wearing a hearing aid makes you look old, and that’s what we’re going to show everyone with this campaign.”

The campaign presents this triggering insight in a clear and funny way. By making people who refuse to wear hearing aids, and are therefore having trouble hearing, literally turn old on the spot.

Nik Sluijs, Creative, INDIE Amsterdam: “Most hearing care ads are aimed at elderly people, while there’s a huge group of people that are already experiencing hearing loss in their early fifties. With a powerful insight and a tongue-in-cheek voice we aim to convince these people to get their ears fixed sooner rather than later.”

The commercials are directed by The Perlorian Brothers. Their great feel for surrealistic, but human comedy (as seen in their work for Sony Playstation and Geico) perfectly fits this campaign. This expertise combined with the powerful insight make for a unique sound in the hearing care category.

The campaign launched on Dutch national TV on May 27th with a first run of ‘The Tennis Club’ and later this year other commercials will follow.

Schoonenberg is an authority on hearing care in the Netherlands. With specialized stores and hearing care professionals Schoonenberg has been offering innovative hearing care and personal service for the past 90 years.
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