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Büyükdere Caddesi. 20/6 Beytem Plaza Şişli
Istanbul 34360
Teléfono: (+90) 212 373 40 00

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Fundada en: 1935

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Premios: 61

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Leo Burnett Istanbul

Büyükdere Caddesi. 20/6 Beytem Plaza Şişli
Istanbul 34360
Teléfono: (+90) 212 373 40 00

Meral Akyel


Teléfono: (+90) 212 230 17 16

About Leo Burnett Istanbul

Leo Burnett was established in Chicago in 1935, on 5th of August, with just 3 employees and 3 clients. Right in the middle of the economic crisis… Leo welcomed his guests with a bowl of apple placed on the reception desk. People who assumed that the agency wouldn’t stand the economic crisis, thought that Leo Burnett would have to sell those apples in the street, instead of serving them. However, their augury didn’t come true. Their augury hasn’t come true since 1935… Leo Burnett which always believed in thinking big and adopts in principle “To create the best ad in the world without exception”, have been attracted attention after a short time in America, and then in the World. Marlboro Man, Tony The Tiger, Pillsbury Doughboy... And more and more brands besides these have the autograph of Leo Burnett on their eternal icons. Today, Leo Burnett is one of the biggest advertising networks in the world in 83 countries, with 93 offices and employees more than 8000.

And its currency is unique: Big ideas.

The brands that believe the power of the big ideas and support creativity prefer the business partnership with Leo Burnett network. Kellogg’s, Philip Morris, Hallmark, McDonald’s, Heinz, Samsung, Procter and Gamble and many more... You can visit for further information about LB Worldwide. 


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