Campaña You, and only you
Anunciante Experian
Marca Experian
Fecha de primera difusión/publicación
Sector Empresarial Servicios bancarios, inversiones, corredores de bolsa
Sinopsis Business case: Experian is a market leader in credit scores and reports, and they’ve helped millions of people access, understand and improve their score over the years. Experian wants to boost awareness that they directly help consumers find and apply for credit products more suited to them and improve their overall financial position.   
Brief: Get consumers to understand that Experian can help them find credit products that are suited to their specific needs.   
Strategy: Whilst other companies use some data to select the products that they present to potential consumers, the quality, range and experience of financial information that Experian use sets them apart. That means Experian aggregate the right data to provide a comprehensive view of the consumer. They then use their well-established relationships with credit providers to ensure they recommend the products that are right for that specific person - helping them to make better financial decisions.   
Creative Idea: Other companies offer similar people similar deals. But as Experian has the relevant insights, with most successful lending decisions being made using Experian financial data, they can provide deals that are right for you, and only you.   We bring this to life by focusing on large groups of people who all appear very similar because they all belong to the same ‘tribe’. However, as a VO reveals more and more distinguishing criteria, the tribe dwindles until we arrive at the one individual we’ve been looking for.
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Miembro del equipo creativo
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