TítuloTo Dare is To Do 1
Campaña Audi x Tottenham Hotspur
Anunciante Audi
Marca Audi / Tottehnham Hotspur
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Sector Empresarial Automotor
Filosofía Audi's philosophy is synonymous with progressive design and technology, as expressed by its famous Vorsprung Durch Technik end-line. It is a brand truth that aligns perfectly with Tottenham Hotspur’s similarly progressive slogan Audere est Facere, meaning To Dare is To Do. We wanted to bring to life the natural synergy between the skill of the players and the brains of the cars by using fan-like knowledge of the Tottenham squad and drawing parallels with Audi and its world-class technology. All with a bold, modern look sympathetic to the Tottenham colours.
Problema Last year, Tottenham Hotspur announced Audi as the Club’s Official Car Partner in an exclusive four-year agreement. To celebrate this, and to kick off the 2019/2020 season in Tottenham's new stadium, BBH have created a highly targeted campaign focusing on building awareness of the Audi and Tottenham Hotspur partnership.
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