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50 Marshall Street Eagle House
London W1F 9BQ
Reino Unido
Teléfono: (+44) 0207 437-1317

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Competencias principales: Todo en uno, Digital, Marketing directo, Compra de Medios / Planificación

Fundada en: 1990

Empleados: 76

Premios: 13

Clientes: 4

BLM Media

50 Marshall Street Eagle House
London W1F 9BQ
Reino Unido
Teléfono: (+44) 0207 437-1317

Charlie Makin

Chief Operating Officer

Teléfono: (+44) 0207 437 1317

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About BLM Media

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Inglés, Alemán, Italiano, Español
Filosofía y ventajas competitivas
You are in a highly competitive market, your major competitor outspends you 15 to 1, and they also use some of the UK’s sexiest celebrities in their ads. Your closest competitors are coming up on the rails, under-cutting you on price and door dropping 120 million leaflets a year.
What do you do? You fire your ad agency. Your media agency comes up with a madcap scheme to blow all your money on sponsoring the Simpson's on a satellite channel.
Five years later you are brand leader. Every pound you spend on advertising generates £14 in extra sales, your floatation has been an unparalleled success (and the share price is still rising), your franchisees want to increase their commitment to your advertising fund and you have won three of the top marketing effectiveness awards at one go.
That’s our philosophy, great ideas that deliver business results.
Descripción de la red
EuroLab is an independent network of local media agency partners, all of whom are successful in their own right, and who together provide a global media planning and buying service for their clients.
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