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Los Angeles, Estados Unidos
TítuloLexus Elevate
Campaña Lexus Elevate
Anunciante Lexus
Marca Lexus
PostedSeptiembre 2016
Sector Empresarial Automóviles
Sinopsis After two years of partnering with the USA Pro Cycling Challenge (USAPCC), Lexus needed that extra push to be recognized as an authentic partner and supporter of the sport and to drive future consideration among this target audience. Our goal was to increase awareness of the event among spectators on-site and enthusiasts watching at home. 7M PR impressions later, we did just that.
Lexus proves with “Elevate” that virtual reality isn’t just a gimmick but a credible filmmaking technology. “Elevate” is an immersive 360-degree film experience using the Samsung Gear VR + Samsung Galaxy S6 that tells the story of why pro cyclist Christian Vande Velde loves the sport. It’s not just a technical experiment using 360-degree video technology or a simple single camera setup but has a beautiful narrative that puts you in the mind and saddle of one of the world’s greatest cyclists from an unprecedented perspective. The campaign won several FWAs and a Gold Graphis Award. 
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Responsable de conceptos
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Productor ejecutivo
Productor ejecutivo
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Director artístico
Director creativo
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Digital Production
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