TítuloPride jersey
Campaña #DiversityIsStrength
Anunciante AIG Japan
Marca AIG Japan
Fecha de primera difusión/publicación
Sector Empresarial Banca, finanzas, legislación y seguros
Sinopsis Synopsis
AIG is committed to creating a corporate culture that is welcoming and open to the LGBTQ community, while also offering insurance products and services to meet the needs of the community. However, cultural norms in Japan still make it difficult to “come out” in the workplace, with only 4% of LGBTQ people being “out” at work. With diversity still a far cry away, the brief given to us from AIG was to help promote diversity & inclusion both within the Japan office, but also within Japanese society as a whole. We partnered with the AIG sponsored ALL BLACKS to leverage their universal appeal and we developed a technically (and thematically) sophisticated jersey for them. 700 jerseys out of the first batch of this new product are already in circulation.
Just before the launch of this new jersey, anti-LGBTQ comment made by the rugby player, who plays for Australia, became a social issue in the APAC area.
The PRIDE JERSEY was a powerful response to this and won supports from many people.
The news instantly sparked all around the world. The jersey was featured in 272 media across 19 countries including UK, South Africa, Ireland and New Zealand, the home of the All Blacks.
The voice of supporting diversity and inclusion spread not only in Japan but also across the globe, winning over 53,764 supports in just 7 days.
This innovative jersey is planned to be worn by the All Blacks
during 2019 Rugby World Cup which will take place in Japan.
We printed the colors of the rainbow on a stretchable and highly elastic ribbed fabric. We printed the colors from both sides, effectively “dyeing” the material in rainbow hues. Black was then printed over, on both sides, on the top portions of each tiny ridge only. As a result, the material is solid black, but when stretched, reveals the colors of the rainbow below. This is a wholly new, and original product.
Campaign Description
We focused on the phenomena that when all the colors of the rainbow are mixed, it creates black. This is a deeply rich symbolism for how differing individualities can converge to create one strong whole. It is symbolic of the ALL BLACKS themselves, and how their diversity has continually maintained them as the strongest rugby team in the world. We developed a fabric that is black on the surface, but when stretched, reveals all the colors of the rainbow underneath. With this fabric, we created an brand new ALL BLACKS jersey.
The jersey is a mellifluous embodiment of the ALL BLACKS visual identity, together with the highly resonant message of diversity. Leveraging this jersey, we campaigned in Japan to build a team of diversity supporters from celebrities/notable persons/the public.
Medio Web Film
Director creativo
Responsable de conceptos / redactor
Responsable de conceptos / redactor
Director artístico
Planificador de cuentas
Planificador de cuentas
Responsable de la creación
Director de cuentas
Director de cuentas Head of Digital Design
Director artístico
Jefe de cuentas
Jefe de cuentas
Jefe de cuentas
Planificador estratégico
Director creativo
Strategic Planning Director
Strategic Planning Director
Director de fotografía
Productor de la productora
Productor de la productora
Productor de la productora
Productor de la productora
Director de producción
Director de producción
Director de producción
Director de producción
Director de producción
Chief Creative Officer Kazoo Sato
Senior Creative Director Takahiro Hosoda
Creative Director Shuhei Tsuji
Senior Art Director Keisuke Shimizu
Art Director Yosuke Sugioka
Designer Kana Takarada
Copywriter Peter Souter
Copywriter Tomoko Kasugai
Activation Planner Kei Tominaga
PR Planner Hideyuki Kobayashi
Film Director(Making Movie) Shinri Abe
Executive Planning Director Masa Okazaki
Strategic Planning Director Keita Kawakatsu
Strategic Planning Supervisor Chigusa Ogasawara
Strategic Planner Yoku Ishida
Senior Account Director Kei Kaneko
Account Director Tatsuya Horikoshi
Account Supervisor Kasumi Shimada
Account Supervisor Keisuke Egami
Account Supervisor Mami Konisho
Costume Designer and Producer Toshihiko Sakurai
Costume Director Chika Sai
Producer Keisuke Mizusako
Producer Masahiro Kawaguchi
Director Hisashi Eto
DOP Justin Brown
Producer Wataru Ito
Photographer DYSK
Designer Kazuya Yamazaki
Motion Graphic Designer(Making Movie) Shinnosuke Arima
Entrant Company TBWA\HAKUHODO
Production SAQULAI
Production AOI PRO. INC.
Production CUTTERS
Media Placement TBWA\HAKUHODO

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