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99 Macquarie Street
Sydney New South Wales 2000
Teléfono: (+61) (0)2 9 019 6000

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Competencias principales: Todo en uno, Digital, Móvil, Redes Sociales, Marketing Services, Marketing directo, Branded Content/Entertainment, Relaciones Públicas, Eventos / Patrocinio, Marcas / Desarrollo del producto, Strategy and Planning

Fundada en: 1995


Empleados: 285

Premios: 174

Creaciones: 42

Clientes: 5

M&C Saatchi

99 Macquarie Street
Sydney New South Wales 2000
Teléfono: (+61) (0)2 9 019 6000
Tom McFarlane

Tom McFarlane

Creative Partner

Teléfono: (+61) 404490849

Lucy Billington

Lucy Billington

Business Development Director

Teléfono: (+61) 29019 6369

Justin Graham

Justin Graham

Chief Strategy Officer

Teléfono: (+61) 404490849

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About the Agency M&C Saatchi

We believe that brands are built off the back of consumers’ experiences. It’s not just what we say, rather it’s how we behave and the impact that this has on consumers’ lives that defines their view of a brand.

This belief forms the basis for the M&C Saatchi Group - a confederation of 10 specialist agencies, with different centres of gravity, focused on engaging consumers at each point they encounter a brand. The strength of the Group lies in our centralised Creative, Strategy & Production units and the operating system, which seamlessly brings those teams together. The result, a brand which is stronger than the sum of its parts. 


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Filosofía y ventajas competitivas

Simplicity. It is at the heart of everything we do.

It is easier to complicate than simplify.

Yet simple messages enter the brain quicker and stay longer. Brutal Simplicity of Thought is therefore a painful necessity. It is also our one guiding principle. 

Our advantage?

We believe things work better when you work together as a group.

Forget job titles and hierarchies, we think that getting the smartest people together and working collectively to co-create solutions to our briefs, leads to bigger, brighter and ultimately more effective campaigns.

That’s not to suggest that we throw process out the window or that specialist skills are defunct – the opposite, in fact, is true. We work tirelessly to harness the wealth of skills and experience we have within the building, setting the platform for agile collaboration and collective intelligence. 

Descripción de la red

Part of the M&C Saatchi global network that comprises 27 offices in 18 countries.

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