TítuloPepsi Microcases
Campaña Pepsi Microcases
Anunciante PepsiCo Inc.
Marca Pepsi
PostedFebrero 2019
Sector Empresarial Bebidas gaseosas
Sinopsis The cola wars in Brazil are infamous, and people who prefer drinking Pepsi often feel in the spotlight, under scrutiny. But more importantly, they are unapologetic about it. Our job was to find the Pepsi loyalist, celebrate their unwillingness to bow in judgement and defend their delicious decision in mainstream culture.
Tapping into Pepsi’s understanding of being constantly in the judgement spotlight, we created “That’s a Yes – Microcases Office”, the ultimate court to stand for those who feel judged by their everyday choices, like asking for a Pepsi, wearing flip-flops with socks and binge watching reality shows. Leveraging witty socialite and lawyer Narcisa Tamborindeguy as our judge and jury, we created a social content strategy and series that invited people to film and share their daily microcases in which they felt judged. Narcisa then went to work and defended people’s choices in video content driving engagement across our social channels. We tapped into people’s confidence in their choice and celebrated their uniqueness.
We received 2,877 microcases, with themes addressing music taste, unusual habits, dressing behavior, food preferences and more. Our ultimate court drove a 69% increase in ad remembrance (3x more than the average for this category) and a growth of 5 points in purchase intention (the average for this category is 1.4).
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