TítuloDaimler MBGO
Campaña Daimler MBGO
Anunciante Daimler AG
Marca Daimler
PostedFebrero 2019
Sector Empresarial Automóviles
Sinopsis When purchasing a vehicle, consumers are faced with many financial decisions. Our job was twofold. First, we crafted content aimed at aiding and educating both individual and corporate clients seeking information about how to finance and own their dream vehicles. Next, we were tasked with de-bunking some of the myths associated with leasing in the APAC region – positioning leasing as a lifestyle choice and a smart mobility strategy, while driving awareness of its many other benefits. Leasing faced a serious stigma in Singapore, where this offer ran, as purchasing a car has long been considered a desirable signifier of status and wealth – especially so for older generations. However, with 0% down on leasing, versus 40% down for financing, the barriers to driving a Mercedes-Benz are greatly reduced. We created buzz around, and affinity for, this offer – a new, flexible product tailored to the needs of an evolved type of customer. The first step was developing a clear strategy for responsive landing pages that revealed leasing’s value-add to both individual and corporate customers. Next, we produced complementary, easily-understandable content for a supporting eDM series, with social posts for Facebook and LinkedIn to drive engagement. We showed the young professionals and families that formed our campaign’s target that leasing is a smarter choice, and that you don’t have to take on inordinate amounts of debt to experience luxury. Overall, 25% of the client’s new leasing leads were generated by the site we built, alone. The campaign worked so well because we clearly expressed how this user-driven product offers higher affordability, no depreciation risk and the peace of mind that comes from complimentary benefits that only Mercedes-Benz can offer. All huge draws to MB’s evolved consumer.
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