TítuloElla’s Kitchen Weaning
Campaña Weeny Weaing
Anunciante The Hain Celestial Group
Marca Ella's Kitchen
Fecha de primera difusión/publicación
Sector Empresarial Comida de bebé
Lema Changing the eating-habits of a nation. One tiny bite at a time
Sinopsis Changing the eating-habits of a nation. One tiny bite at a time Ella's Kitchen is the UK's number 1 baby food brand. The heartbeat of their business is demonstrating to parents that no-one understands babies better than Ella's. 
Filosofía We launched the first ‘always on’ YouTube channel ‘Weeny Weaning’ dedicated to weaning with the aim of engaging the 7,500 new parents who are starting weaning for the first time each week. We also established the world’s first sensory weaning restaurant – the Weeny Weaning Restaurant – to help Ella’s Kitchen educate parents about the importance of creating a healthy relationship between children and food.
The channel was built with the support of the new parent community, we found mums and dads across the weaning journey who could front our channel. A suite of Hub, Hygiene and Hero content was built around them (26 films in total), with some additional Ella’s advice, the ‘Weeny Weaning Channel’ was born, packed with everything a new-to-weaning Mum or Dad would need to know. 
Resultado By owning an important developmental life-stage, ‘Weaning’, we’ve been able to focus our budget on providing the best support for all mums and dads across the UK. Ella’s Kitchen’s weaning service recruited 40% of all new parents. It grew revenue by £14.6m (+28.3%) against a target of £10.75m and delivered an astounding £12 for every £1 invested. Since the campaign began, we’ve helped support the weaning of 1.5. 
Not only that, but once there, each visitor has watched 3.5 different videos on average, with a total viewing time of 3 min 18 seconds. 
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