TítuloBreak the law of silence
Campaña Break the Law of Silence
Anunciante Amnesty International
Marca Amnesty International
PostedNoviembre 2012
Sector Empresarial Derechos Humanos
Sinopsis From the 2d to the 12th of december 2011, Amnesty International organized the «Signatures marathon» to defend the rights of persons in danger. They intend to gather the maximum of signatures to support 12 persons in danger.
On a proper website, the experience starts with an animation movie which presents the story of persons who’s rights were flouted.
At the end, people were able to sign the petition to defend human rights, and every 10 signatures a note was added to the freedom music score (10 signatures = 1 note).
In less than one week we gathered 150 000 signatures. Which represents a 500 per cent increase compared to the Marathon of 2010.
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