TítuloThe Waterfall
Campaña The Traveller's Travel Card
Anunciante CIBC
Marca Aventura
Fecha de primera difusión/publicación
Sector Empresarial Tarjetas de crédito
Lema The Traveller's Travel Card
Sinopsis Five years ago, Aventura was launched with a category-differentiating promise of “flexibility” – being able to fly on any airline, any seat, when you wanted. Since then, that message has become table-stakes in the travel rewards card category with competitors now trying to gain attention with ever growing offers of more and more points for signing up.

Given recent changes in the category, the opportunity was ripe for Aventura to once again break out of the sea of sameness and establish a new point of differentiation to drive growth and category leadership.
Filosofía Research show consumers want to be travellers not tourists: they are yearning for authentic experiences when they travel.

Leaning into its unique Travel Assistant, Aventura helps you create personalized travel experiences that will leave lasting memories.
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