TítuloThe Youngest Candidate #EqualPay
Campaña Girls Fight For Equal Pay
Anunciante Plano de Menina (Girl's Plan)
Marca Plano de Menina (Girl's Plan)
PostedMay 2019
Sector Empresarial Concienciación social sobre la discriminación racial / étnica / los discapacitados
Sinopsis Plano de Menina (Girl's Plan), a social initiative whose goal is to give a voice and opportunities to underprivileged girls throughout Brazil, offering courses and workshops on financial education, entrepreneurship, career building, self-esteem, law, citizenship, and other subjects, created the #EqualPay movement in partnership with BETC/Havas, in order to call on public institutions, employers and society at large to reflect on and promote positive initiatives that contribute to making equal pay between men and women a reality. Research shows that for women to earn the same as men, they need to begin their professional life 10 years earlier. The unfairness of this situation is evidenced through the character Heloisa Teodoro, a 10-year-old Plano de Menina student.
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