TítuloThe Last Column
Campaña The Last Column
Anunciante Committee to Protect Journalists
Marca Committee to Protect Journalists
Fecha de primera difusión/publicación
Sector Empresarial Acciones Caritativas, fundaciones, voluntariado
Sinopsis The Last Column is a memorial that raises awareness of the human cost of journalism. The integrated initiative featured a logo made of the names of the 1,337 journalists killed in action, a book gathering the final works of more than twenty murdered journalists, as well as video and audio interviews with their friends and families. A way to immortalize the courageous men and women killed in the service of newsgathering.
The Last Column is a memorial movement bringing attention to the human cost of journalism, centered around a haunting logo made of the names of the 1,337 journalists killed in action since 1992. A book featuring the final articles and photos of more than twenty murdered journalists was published, and interviews with friends and families of the journalists explored the impact of their loss.
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