Press Releases - FRED & FARID New York - FRED & FARID New York Press Releases at en-us Copyright 2021 Rémy Martin and Usher team up to celebrate two cultures of excellence: Music and Cognac “Team Up For Excellence ‐ The Film” Imagined in collaboration with FRED & FARID New York Brings to Life the History of Harmony Between these Cultural Entities Through a Musical Journey


NEW YORK, April 29, 2021 – Today, Rémy Martin announces a collaborative new campaign with multi‐Grammy award winning musical artist, Usher to celebrate the harmonious blending of two cultures of timeless excellence: Music and Cognac. “Team Up For Excellence - The Film” highlights the cultural connection between Cognac and American music since 1917 in France, and how the two have been synonymous ever since.

In the Film imagined in collaboration with FRED & FARID New York, Usher narrates a story spanning the decades from the 1920’s to present day, which pays tribute to the multi‐cultural connections, celebrated styles and rhythms of the past. From Blues to Hip‐Hop, Swing Dancing to Break‐Dancing; Usher and Rémy Martin®1738 Accord Royal travel through decades in France and the US, to honor these cultural figures; both rooted in a shared philosophy of aiming for the stars.

“Music doesn’t need Cognac to exist, and Cognac doesn’t need Music to exist,” states Usher, “but what is beautiful is that they were meant to meet and when they did, they created cultural harmony.”


Teaming up with Usher and Rémy Martin, are globally recognized creatives including Raphael Saadiq, world‐renowned musical composer; Marci Rodgers, Academy‐Award winning costume stylist; Aakomon Jones, award winning dance choreographer; and director of the production; Jake Nava.

“I was really inspired by creating the historical music scenes in a way that felt true to the spirit of that moment, but also relevant and eye‐catching to a young contemporary audience,” states Jake Nava, “This dual priority informed my direction of all the music, dance and Usher’s performance.”

The heart and soul of cultural movements throughout history paved the way for future artists to innovate, while paying homage to their roots and the musical styles that came before them. The same respect for heritage is honored by Rémy Martin and Cellar Master, Baptiste Loiseau, who has inherited the savoir‐faire of the House from previous generations of cellar masters. Through this transmission of knowledge, Rémy Martin®1738 Accord Royal continues to encompass the spirit of celebrating depth of character and the excitement of indulging in moments of collective success.

“Rémy Martin has been at the center of celebration for centuries, and the celebratory nature of Music is synonymous with our history of honoring communities and culture,” said Amaury Vinclet, Global Executive Director of Rémy Martin “Acknowledging this collective success has been at the heart of Rémy Martin since 1724.”

Historically, Rémy Martin and Usher teamed up during his 2010 “OMG” world tour, where the Cognac brand was the official sponsor of after parties across the United States, Canada and Europe. Additionally, Usher co‐hosted the launch dinner for Producer Series with Jermaine Dupri in 2018.

“Team Up For Excellence – The Film is a monumental artistic achievement stemming from our collaboration and long‐standing relationship with our trusted creative global agency, FRED & FARID,” said Philippe Farnier, Chief Executive Officer for The House of Rémy Martin. “We celebrate this performance between our brand, creative agency and artist Usher. At Rémy Martin, we team up with those sharing our same quest for excellence, rooted in our values of people, terroir and time.”

For almost 300 years, the story of Rémy Martin has been one of family, partners and collective success. Teamwork has always been at the heart of the brand, passing the spirit of collaboration on to younger generations. The desire to team up with others in a quest for excellence has been a part of the Rémy Martin ethos since 1724, with the constant dedication to creating premium Cognac. To continually go further and aspire to achieve more is a reflection of the Centaur, Rémy Martin’s brand figurehead for 150 years. Following the launch in the United States, the short film will be screened and showcased globally

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Client Earth launches with FRED & FARID New York a major climate change movement supported by Coldplay, Brian Eno, Anna Calvi, alt-j, Patagonia and more  

The campaign falls in a landmark year for the climate crisis; this November, global leaders are set to gather in Glasgow for the UN Climate Change conference (COP26), to set the future path for the planet. Using Playlists For Earth, ClientEarth are encouraging discussion in a novel and accessible way; building the diversity of voices calling for action; and ultimately adding pressure on political leaders ahead of COP26.

“We should be talking about the climate crisis now more than ever, and taking action to protect the planet we love. We need to see a massive cultural change and an immediate government response. That’s why I wanted to be a part of Playlists For Earth, to spark conversation and explore what’s happening in the world in a new way in the lead up to the UN climate conference. It’s so important that we use our position in the arts to say something, as art really has the power to turn people’s attention to issues.” Anna Calvi

“I'm happy to be involved in Playlists For Earth. I think music can be a good way of getting people talking ahead of the UN climate conference this year.” Tom Misch

“Music is lyrical, yes! But its magic is in the vibrations, the sonic transmissions through the body to the soul - communicating by shaking you and moving your body. We know we must find a common language with nature, and that's why Lonely Whale is excited to collaborate with ClientEarth on their Playlists For Earth campaign in honor of Earth Month. Music helps people tune in to the rhythm of the earth and connect with one another by using a language that isn't cerebral but universal, helping us to all hear with our hearts." Adrian Grenier

Music has long been at the heart of social change and Playlists For Earth allows people to engage simply and creatively with others on climate change, using music to create the conversation. Prioritising action, not inaction, ClientEarth strives to bring people to a place where they feel change is possible; by focusing on change from the top down through industry transformation and government action, ClientEarth uses the power of the law to secure systemic change.

“As an eco-lawyer, my work is about making the future safe for people. I know harnessing the power of art and artists is fundamental to achieving that goal. Laws are the rules we agree on how we want to collectively interact with each other and with the planet – but first we have to imagine and communicate what we want that to look like. There are no more powerful tools to do so than art, music and literature. That’s why, ahead of COP26, and five years on from the Paris Agreement, we have joined forces with musicians, record labels, creatives and festivals to reframe and mix up the climate discussion using the most universal language we have – music. Playlists For Earth harnesses music’s global reach to ignite vital conversations with new audiences – conversations of solution not disaster.” James Thornton, Founding CEO of ClientEarth

Over 60 influential figures and organisers have pledged their support to Playlists For Earth including Hot Chip, Milky Chance, British Summer Time, All Points East and more here. ClientEarth is a non-profit organisation that uses the law to create systemic change that protects the Earth for – and with – its inhabitants. We are tackling climate change, protecting nature and stopping pollution, with partners and citizens around the globe.

On 14th April, ClientEarth launched, with FRED & FARID New York creative agency, a major climate change focused social media campaign with support from over 60 international and influential figures and organizers, including Coldplay, Brian Eno, Anna Calvi, alt-J, Sleaford Mods, Patagonia and more.

The Campaign idea of Playlist For Earth calls on the musical creativity of people around the world to deliver an awareness message to a broad audience. The idea is original and impactful: Celebrities, influencers, and citizens use the song titles of the playlists they create to deliver a message.The song titles on each playlist, when read as a sentence, communicate a powerful message about the climate crisis. The campaign allows the music world to start important conversations with fans – about action on climate change and hope for a better future. In a playful way people will inspire each other to create and share playlists on social media. The result is an original, emotional and impactful kind of modern activist poetry.

Over 60 international artists have pledged their support to Playlists For Earth including Coldplay, Brian Eno, Anna Calvi, and more - they are spreading this message of hope to their fans and community with the official hashtag #Playlistsforearth across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Since yesterday dozens of international artists and influencers have already started using their social networks yesterday to engage millions of fans.

[Read and listen to playlists from Coldplay, alt-J, Tom Misch, Milky Chance, Francisca Valenzuela and Anna Calvi here, watch the campaign video here and listen to playlists from over 60 others here. Check out #PlaylistsForEarth across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to join the conversation.] 

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Rémy Martin and FRED & FARID New York celebrate local sounds through “Voices of Harlem,” a collaboration with Harlem Writers Guild Rémy Martin expands its time-honored tradition of celebrating the sounds of local communities by announcing, “Voices of Harlem” a partnership with the Harlem Writers Guild that pays homage to the written word and voices of those from the Harlem Renaissance era. The series imagined by FRED & FARID New York creative agency highlights the parallels between music and poetry as powerful means of expression and cultures of excellence.

“At Rémy Martin, celebrating cultures of excellence is deeply rooted in our heritage,” said Tina Reejsinghani, Vice President at Rémy Martin Americas. “With our long-standing relationship with the music world, we recognize that within music there is poetry. We are honored to team up with the Harlem Writers Guild to support this community and amplify local voices and artists.”

 Through curated content directed by Charles Todd, poems from iconic African American poets of the early 20th century are read by Harlem poets of today. Featured is Gift to Sing, Mother to SonHarlem Wine and My Little Dreams, each with a unique sound but similar origin story; all with roots in Harlem, New York. The backdrop to the poet’s voices are four different musical melodies created by Grammy-Award winning producer Jermaine Dupri, as tribute to the golden age of African American arts that has deeply inspired his personal journey as a musical artist.


 “To me, poetry is a form of rap music because it allows you to express yourself at the highest level without boundaries,” said Jermaine Dupri. “I’m thrilled that Rémy Martin and the Harlem Writers Guild involved me in this project so that I could use my personal form of expression through music to build upon the power of these legendary words.”

The explosion of artistic excellence during the Harlem Renaissance sparked a movement that significantly shaped American culture from that point on, and the root of it all can be drawn back to the streets of Harlem. Rémy Martin’s commitment to celebrating the best that communities and cultures have to offer, mirrors the Harlem Writers Guild’s ambition of amplifying the voices of local artists in Harlem. This physical ground of the Fine Champagne region of Cognac, France has cultivated Rémy Martin’s legacy and spirit for nearly 300 years, and it is the reason the Cognac house stands firmly behind its terroir.

 "It is important for us at the Harlem Writers Guild to reach younger generations because we want to pass along this extraordinary, historic art form in a way that young people recognize and can build upon using their own voices today,” said Diane Richards, Executive Director of the Harlem Writers Guild. “Teaming up with Rémy Martin on this project allows us to nurture African American literary legacy and inspire voices of the future.”

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Rémy Martin And Recording Artist 6LACK Team Up To Celebrate Two Cultures Of Excellence Rémy Martin announces the new chapter of the “team up for excellence “ creative platform,  "Ground's Melody," a two-part Documentary content mini series created and developed by FRED & FARID New York featuring multi-platinum GRAMMY nominated artist 6LACK (the #2 most streamed R&B artist behind Frank Ocean / the most featured artist of 2019-2020).

In the series, 6LACK reveals how music, just like Rémy Martin, is strongly influenced by where it was created;by the ground of origin,  both entities rooted in a strong culture of excellence. The first episode shot by Jackson Tisi (Los York) released highlights the local sounds of music from Atlanta.

"In my hometown of Atlanta, everything from the clothes that people wore around me, to the food I grew up eating, to the music I heard while growing up, has inspired my style, sound and who I am today," said 6LACK. "I loved working with Rémy Martin because they have acknowledged and can relate to how local communities have an influence on not only our work, but also the culture – Ground's Melody is a tribute to that.”


Rémy Martin cognacs are produced only in the Fine Champagne region of Cognac, France, making it unique in its quality and craft. This physical ground which has cultivated Rémy Martin's legacy and spirit is the reason the cognac house stands firmly behind its terroir.

"We are incredibly proud to team up with 6LACK to highlight the deep-rooted, shared values between music and cognac excellence," said Tina Reejsinghani, Vice President at Rémy Martin Americas. "At Rémy Martin we celebrate the people, time and terroir that craft our cognac and 6LACK's dedication to excellence has truly inspired us”

Created by FRED & FARID New York, the series gathers two cultures of excellence together, with Rémy Martin and 6LACK teaming up to examine the ways their individual locality and culture/values lead to the highest quality.  In music creation and cognac production, there is an admiration for the communities that foster a culture of excellence.

“Places infused with the Heart and Soul of those living there, the Architecture, the social context create a distinct signature to that ground. It works for any authentic and passionate people. Atlanta & Los Angeles for 6black , Fine Champagne region of Cognac for Remy Martin” said the Agency.

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Stoli® Vodka Says It “Loud and Clear” with New Global Advertising Campaign Oscar-Winning Composer Hans Zimmer Scores New Television Campaign with Emmy/BAFTA Nominee Lorne Balfe, Oscar Nominee Rachel Morrison Serving as DoP; Esteemed Photographer Rankin Leads Print Creative

Stoli® Vodka, the original premium vodka with uncompromising quality for the past 80 years, announced today the launch of their new global advertising campaign, “Loud and Clear.” The provocative new campaign features work from award-winning artists like composer Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe and director Rachel Morrison. The campaign takes a 360-approach, incorporating television, digital, social and print to reveal Stoli’s unapologetic message – whatever drives you, make it bold, make it last, make it loud and clear.

The release of the “Loud and Clear” campaign demonstrates Stoli’s unwavering presence in the spirits industry, while differentiating itself as the real deal in today’s vodka sea of sameness. Shot in Ukraine, each creative spot showcases real people celebrating their unique identities and what drives them. The footage makes it “Loud and Clear” that they are fully embracing their style, passions and beliefs with conviction.

Our new advertising campaign truly captures the boldness and clarity of Stoli®,” said Hugues Pietrini, Global CEO of The Stoli® Group. “With an 80-year history in the spirits category, we are proud of our brand identity and values and want our fans to feel the same. We encourage them to ‘make it loud and clear’ that they are embracing and broadcasting their true selves without inhibition.

Developed with FF New York, the global creative agency founded by Fred & Farid, “Loud and Clear” boasts an impressive lineup of award-winning creative talent who contributed to the campaign. “Loud and Clear” features music from the Oscar-winning composer, Hans Zimmer and Emmy/BAFTA-nominated composer Lorne Balfe, which elevates the drama and emotion in the piece.

Oscar Nominee Rachel Morrison served as the campaign’s director of photography on the video, which was shot by directors “We are From LA”. The print creative was shot by esteemed photographer Rankin in London and features the designs of graphic artist Tyrsa, who created a brand-new font, Stoli Brush, for all of the print ads. The font will be made accessible for Stoli® fans and consumers alike to download and use for free.

A new campaign for Stoli needed both a bold new positioning from the brand and the right creative community to bring it to life,” said Fred & Farid, founders of FF. “As such, we worked with distinctive, visionary artists who are uncompromising in their values. The work of Mr. Zimmer and Ms. Morrison were an incredible fit for the spirit of the brand.

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Sea Shepherd lance "Plastic Ocean" avec FF New York Sea Shepherd lance avec FF New York "Plastic Ocean" une campagne de sensibilisation sur les réseaux sociaux pour attirer l'attention sur le fléau de la pollution plastique de l'océan.

Chaque année, la pollution des océans atteint de nouveaux records avec des plaques de débris plastiques de la taille de pays entiers. C’est plus d'un million d'animaux marins qui se retrouvent piégés et qui meurent dans cet océan plastique. Malgré l’urgence, le grand public ne semble pas s’alarmer de ce problème, qui constitue un réel danger pour la biodiversité et l'environnement.

L’association Sea Shepherd lance avec FF New York "Plastic Ocean" un projet visant à mettre un coup de projecteur sur ce sujet dans les médias et sur les réseaux sociaux pour faire changer les mentalités, en particulier celles des Millenials et Gen Z, autour de l'utilisation durable du plastique. Cette campagne créée par FF New York est composée de trois visuels et d'une vidéo jouant sur un style onirique et coloré au premier coup d’oeil, mais qui très vite révèle la triste réalité des animaux marins piégés dans les déchets plastiques.

Capitaine Alex Cornelissen, PDG de Sea Shepherd Global :

"Les plastiques envahissent les océans à une échelle sans précédent. Comme une espèce envahissante, elle est en train d'anéantir la faune océanique et de s'emparer de son habitat. Les êtres humains sont à blâmer pour l'introduction de cette substance, la plus mortelle et si nous n'arrêtons pas sa progression, le poids de plastique des océans sera plus important que toute la vie animale combinée. Mais nous pouvons renverser la vapeur, nous pouvons arrêter cette invasion. Ce que nous avons causé, nous devons maintenant le réparer. Arrêter la production et l'utilisation de plastiques à usage unique. Ensemble, nous pouvons nettoyer les océans et faire en sorte que ce que nous enlevons reste à l'extérieur." 

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AC HOTELS BY MARRIOTT® DEVOILE "UNPACKED" SA NOUVELLE PLATEFORME CREATIVE SIGNÉE FF NEW YORK AC Hotels by Marriott®, la marque lifestyle à destination des “modern business travelers” dévoile sa nouvelle plateforme créative “Unpacked” signée FF New York.

A travers cette nouvelle approche stratégique, AC Hotels bouleverse les règles du marketing hôtelier traditionnel en proposant un voyage artistique et poétique dans ses coulisses. Au centre de cette nouvelle campagne digital 3 films manifesto chacun mettant en valeur un détail de l'expérience AC Hotels accompagnés de 3 interviews vidéo des “artisans” du moindre détail : Frederick Bouchardy, le créateur du studio de parfumerie et du collectif de designers new-yorkais Joya basé à New York ; Alberto Gonzalez, du fabricant européen d'équipements culinaires Berkel; et l'architecte de renom David Helpern.

Ce projet artistique et design se veut être comme une expérience sensorielle visuelle texturée et un examen chirurgical des détails au coeur de l’hospitalité AC Hotels. À l'aide de la technique de split-screen, chaque film présente l'équation derrière les moments clés de l'expérience hôtelière: les mathématiques, la mécanique et la chimie. Plus important encore, il illustre les émotions et les sensations que chaque détail évoque. FF New York revèle l'art et les détails de l'expérience d'AC Hotels en partenariat avec l'agence d'effets visuels et de postproduction The Mill.

La plateforme AC “Unpacked” continuera de vivre avec des prochains contenus incluants des podcasts, des expériences/activations digitales uniques et des activations, et mettront en vedette d'autres collaborateurs de la marque 

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Targeted toward design-minded, entrepreneurial travelers, the striking new brand platform demonstrates the thought and nuance that goes into every aspect of an AC Hotels stay

 AC Hotels by Marriott®, the entrepreneurial lifestyle brand from Marriott International, Inc., today announced the debut of its “Unpacked” creative campaign. The design-driven content shakes up the rules of traditional hotel marketing by taking travelers on an artistic and poetic journey, going behind the scenes with the people responsible for the detail-oriented moments that define the AC Hotels experience.

The campaign, concepted by creative agency FRED & FARID New York (FF NEW YORK), builds on a social and editorial campaign originally developed by AC Hotels and digital agency LikeFriends in 2015. The campaign debuts with a film consisting of three hero videos, each featuring a detail of the hotel, along with three video interviews with the relevant collaborators. Together, the project aims to excite the senses with bold visuals, textures and rigorous dissection of the details. Using a split screen technique, the film features the equation behind key moments in the hotel experience: the math, the mechanics, and the chemistry. Most importantly, it illustrates the feelings and sensations that each detail evokes. FF New York revealed the artistry and detail behind the AC Hotels experience in partnership with the visual effects and post-production agency, The Mill.

The interviewees are the collaborators behind three essential elements of the AC brand - Frederick Bouchardy, the brainchild of New York City-based fragrance studio and design collective, Joya; Alberto Gonzalez, from European culinary equipment manufacturer Berkel; and renowned architect David Helpern.

Berkel provides the iconic prosciutto slicer that is the centerpiece of every hotel’s AC Kitchen and used to carve thin slices of cured meats for the morning breakfast service, while David Helpern is the architect behind design-driven AC Hotels’ first New York City property, AC New York Times Square, which is slated to open in 2018. Bouchardy’s bespoke fragrance atelier recently curated an exclusive new scent identity for all of AC’s 100+ hotels worldwide, which will be available for guests and locals to purchase in the form of candles at each hotel’s AC Store.

“Knowing that humans remember what they smell two times longer and more vividly than what they see or hear, we created an original AC Hotels scent composition that hugs all the pulse points of the brand’s global travelers to ensure a memorable stay,” said Bouchardy. “Through the new ‘Unpacked’ series viewers can gain access to the intricate process of how we created this elegant fragrance.”

Future extensions of the Unpacked campaign will include podcasts, unique digital experiences and in-market activations, and will feature other brand collaborators.

“Travelers who stay at AC Hotels are busy, entrepreneurial spirits, and getting into their hotel room is often the only moment they have a chance to sit back and have a moment of reflection,” said Benoit Racle, Senior Global Brand Director, AC Hotels. “The ‘Unpacked’ campaign was created to provide inspiration and offer authentic, engaging content for AC Hotels’ guests to pause and appreciate the present moment.”

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FRED & FARID lance la campagne globale de 24 Sèvres Lancée en juin 2017, 24 Sèvres est la nouvelle expérience de shopping en ligne du Bon Marché Rive Gauche, et la nouvelle adresse mode internationale. FRED & FARID a été choisi pour le lancement  de  cette plateforme luxury fashion e-commerce dans ses marchés clés à l’international. Dans le cadre de cette collaboration l’agence a été en charge de la conception et la production de la campagne de lancement signée “WHERE FASHION COMES TO LIFE”.

Pour célébrer la rentrée, et à la veille de la nouvelle saison, 24 Sèvres dévoile le 6 septembre un court-métrage manifesto de 3 minutes, réalisé par Nicolas Winding Refn (DriveThe Neon Demon), chorégraphié par Nicolas Huchard (collaborateur de Héloîse Letisser, Christine & the Queens), et conçu par FRED & FARID.

Celles qui ont déjà pénétré l’enceinte du Bon Marché se souviennent d’une expérience unique et d’une sélection hors du commun, des marques les plus exclusives aux plus contemporaines, avec un seul mot d’ordre : Allure et Service. Et si le style parisien prenait possession des rues de Paris pour célébrer les femmes ? Et si les Parisiennes faisaient de Paris le podium le plus chic du monde ?

Dans ce film qui relève de l’imaginaire, Nicolas Winding Refn célèbre l’individualité et la féminité dans un hommage aux femmes et à leur liberté d’expression. Des mannequins, icônes les plus symboliques de la mode, prennent vie et s’échappent la nuit venue des allées du Bon Marché pour aller danser dans un Paris désert et onirique au son de l’artiste parisien Busy P. Cette performance unique met à l’honneur un goût à la parisienne créé pour la clientèle internationale.

Ce projet est une première dans le positionnement multimarque de luxe, réunissant certains des noms les plus renommés de l’industrie.

« Le talent qui a participé à la création de ce film est incroyable, c’est une première dans l’industrie de réunir une sélection des plus grands noms de la mode au sein d’un même projet. Nous sommes ravis que Fendi, Gucci, Dior, Prada, Givenchy et d’autres y aient participé. »
Eric Goguey, Directeur Général de 24 Sèvres

« 24 Sèvres est une ambition magnifique, une destination unique pour la mode, les marques et leurs créations. Il y a une excitation et une fierté particulière à contribuer artistiquement au rayonnement international de ce projet en concevant une idée qui prend le temps et la forme par la musique, la danse et le cinéma... de s'inspirer de cet esprit propre au Bon Marché, à Paris et à la Parisienne pour célébrer la femme dans toute sa diversité, sa liberté et sa beauté. » 
Farid Mokart, Président et Co-Fondateur de FRED & FARID.

Le film “WHERE FASHION COMES TO LIFE” visible sur le digital à partir du 6 septembre dans sa version 3 minutes, sera décliné en version 90 et 30 secondes. Pour compléter ce dispositif, 7 digital assets seront également lancés mettant en avant 7 marques différentes.

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No More Black Targets #NoMoreBlackTargets un mouvement artistique pacifique visant à sensibiliser à la violence par arme à feux.

Le projet #NoMoreBlackTargets a été lancé à New York pendant le Black History Month en partenariat avec l’association New York Society for Ethical Culture avec le support de FRED & FARID. Ce collectif est composé d'artistes – de courant artistiques, d’origines sociales et nationalités divers - venants de New York et de tout le monde entier. Tous utilisent le pouvoir de l'art pour créer un mouvement afin sensibiliser à l'un des plus grands problèmes de violence aux Etats-Unis : la violence par arme à feux. Ces artistes ont créé des œuvres street-art colorées en peignant par dessus la célèbre «human black silhouette» cible la plus utilisée dans l’entrainement au tir aux armes à feu.

En février 2017 le collectif #NoMoreBlackTargets a élu résidence dans un quartier de New York entre Houston Street et First Street pour y exposer des œuvres à ciel ouvert. Cette exposition s’est ensuite prolongée à la galerie Richard Taittinger qui a créé l’événement.

Liste non exhaustive des artistes du collectif soutenu par 3rd Culture Creative : Ibn Anderson, AvisualBliss, BilliKid, Brolga, Denton Burrows, Uta Brauser, ButtSup, Julien Calot, Daine Carter, Castelbajac Creative, Steven Cogle, ConsumerArt, Cypha, Bernadette Delany, Dertism, Felipe Echeverry, Mason Eve, FKDL, Greg Frederick - VinylPopArt, Fumero, Gazoo, Gil Goren, Michael Hess, Iconic and 2cents, JCBKNYC, Jenna Krypell, Damien Mitchell, Alice Mizrachi, Vahram Muratyan, Thomas Raillard, Sacsix, Lane Scarano, Sines, Pamela Streetsmartguidenyc, Sean Sullivan, Tats Cru, Jean Tinnen, B.D. White, Adrian Wilson, YesOne, Augustin Zeller, Zimer, nombreux artistes continuent de rejoindre le mouvement. 

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