TítuloQuarantine Series: Lore Olympus
Campaña Quarantine Series: Lore Olympus
Anunciante Naver Webtoon
Marca Webtoon
Fecha de primera difusión/publicación
Sector Empresarial Medios de comunicación, publicidad, edición y producción
Sinopsis Classic greek story, turned teenage drama. WEBTOON creates a campaign for its “Lore Olympus” series, starring the queen of teenage drama, Sydney Sweeney.
Filosofía WEBTOON launches the 3rd installment of its, “Stories to Obsess Over” series shot remotely with FRED & FARID Los Angeles during continued Safer at Home restrictions. In this episode the team selected one of the platform’s most popular titles, Lore Olympus, featuring Sydney Sweeney portraying a modern take on the ancient Greek goddess of Spring, Persephone. The film tells the story of a complex character, split between two stark sides of herself, the back and forth of every conflict. One of WEBTOON’s most popular titles, Lore Olympus, has amassed a fandom of obsessed followers and even inspired the announcement of a collaboration to create an animated series with The Jim Henson Company . The artwork and contemporary storytelling by creator Rachel Smythe has inspired fans across the world to bring her colorful cool interpretations of legendary Greek gods and goddesses to life. On TikTok, Instagram, and fan forums across the web are manifesting their obsessions in full cosplay and bringing the characters to life. To honor this level of fan love, Sydney was fully transformed into the goddess, introducing a wink to the ultimate form of obsession to the series. Head-to-toe makeup by the renowned celebrity makeup artist Anthony H Nguyen, custom wigs by wig stylist Pamela Neal and colorist Naomi Knights, and a custom wardrobe by Mindy Le Brock came together to create two looks representing the duality of Persephone’s character, her sweet naivety at odds with a fierce confidence. Creative is currently featured across digital and social media introducing new fans to WEBTOON’s diverse platform offering. WEBTOON was trending on TikTok this past weekend.
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Marketing Manager
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Director creativo
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Director artístico
Business Director
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Agency Executive Producer
Agency Integrated Producer
Business Affairs
Business Affairs
Director / DP
Productor ejecutivo
Productor ejecutivo
Responsable de la producción
Creative Technical Director
Assistant Director
Camera Assistant
Remote Technical Supervisor
Location Sound
Script Supervisor
Jefe de decorados
Jefe de decorados
Responsable de vestuario / estilista
Wig Colorist
Make-Up Artist
COVID Compliance Assistant
VFX & Color
Sound Designer
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Motion Graphics
Post-production Supervisor

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