Press Releases - McCann Worldgroup Latin America & Caribbean - McCann Worldgroup Latin America & Caribbean Press Releases at en-us Copyright 2020 MCCANN WORLDGROUP AND UN WOMEN PUSH MEN TO THE LIMIT TO CONFRONT SEXUAL VIOLENCE In the framework of the UN Women’s campaign to eliminate violence against women that will run in Latin America until December 10, McCann Worldgroup created a spot that put men in the same situations that women live on a daily basis, to raise awareness of the fear that every day they have of being raped.

The aim of this campaign is to call to action and to make society aware to deal with the problem of sexual assault, expecting to promote changes in attitudes and behavior of men.

The advertising agency got involved after last year it signed the “Women Empowerment Principles” in the region. Fernando Fascioli, Regional President of McCann Worldgroup for Latin America and The Caribbean, expressed “We call for more actors to join in this task of UN Women and the great challenge to eradicate negative stereotypes and unconscious bias, but above all to the commitment of a more inclusive and non- violent society, mainly in the field of gender. It´s a big task and depends on actions of all of us at different levels”.

Sexual violence is an issue in all over the world. In Brazil, Panamá and Uruguay, 1 in 7 women have suffered physical and sexual violence. In Bolivia, Latin America and The Caribbean, at least 1 in 3 has suffered it at some time in their lives.

María Noel Vaeza, Regional Director of UN Women, highlighted that “though in recent years, survivors and activists have raised their voices to report and condemn this scenario through movements such as #MeToo, #TimesUp, #Niunamenos, #NotOneMore and #BalanceTonPorc, violence against adult women and girls is still common, standardized and rooted in our society”.

In addition, she also ensures that violence is omnipresent: “It´s in all countries and regions of the world. It´s in the advertising that objectifies women or hyper-sexualizes girls; in the sexist "jokes" to which women are exposed in the work environment or in educational centers or in songs inciting sexual violence.”

The hashtag #NoMasViolenciaSexual is used to point out that one of the causes of violence is due to the lack of empathy of men, revealing that society as a whole, has to put into action, by means of social norms to minimize the damage to women and girls, victims of violence, in many cases violent actions are justified, re-victimizing the affected people, and contributing to the cycle of violence. 

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After 20 years, iconic American Beauty’s bag keeps polluting the Earth. Greenpeace announces the launch of its new campaign to fight against the single-use plastic. Under the hashtag #ChileSinPlásticos and the worldwide initiative to end the use of single-use plastics (Break free from plastic), McCann Santiago de Chile presents a new communicational action.

Chile and Latin America are taking important steps to legally ban the use of plastic, but we also need to call the people to change their own behavior. This time we take advantage of the 20th anniversary of the classic movie "American Beauty", to question the iconic scene of the bag floating in the air. In the Oscar-winning film for best movie on 1999, Ricky, says “it's the most beautiful thing I've ever filmed”. 20 years later, we wonder where that bag is and where it will be in the future, considering that plastic takes more than 400 years to degrade.

For Greenpeace, it’s very important the pressure we can generate to the politicians and companies, but we also want to connect with people in a friendlier way, from closer things such as sports or cinema. In this case, the protagonist is a bag from a movie, but our ambition is to raise awareness that all the plastic we throw will end inevitably in a landfill, in a river or in the ocean, being part of the 8 million tons of plastics that reach the ocean every year. 

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Weber Shandwick Mexico was recognized in SABRE Awards last week as the Agency of the year. Its innovate work was recognized with this honorable award where they won important recognition in 9 categories.

Last week in Mexico City the SABRE awards ceremony was held, where Weber Shandwick Mexico was awarded as the agency of the year. An important recognition granted for The Holmes Report, which rewards innovation and excellence in PR and marketing agencies around the world.

Weber Shandwick in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and the support offices Peru, Argentina, and Chile, became creditors of 19 excellent certificates, in addition to the 9 awards, including the agency of the year.

Laura Schoen, President of Weber Shandwick LATAM said that this recognition is thanks to the trust between clients and agency. “I feel extremely proud of the collaboration network we are building in the region. This recognition is to our more than 300 employees in 6 Latin American countries.”

For her part, Amanda Berenstein, Weber Shandwick Mexico Director, emphasized that this was due to the daily work of the team, that the agency has achieved to create trusting relationships with its clients to develop together powerful ideas and innovative solutions. Finally, Amanda recognized that the strength of the agency is its people who have developed an innovative model of agency and a real collaborative culture.

The agency with global presence, was recognized as a regional winner in the following categories:

· Agency of the year: Weber Shandwick México.

· Superior Achievement in Reputation Management: AI Schubert’s Symphony Huawei. (Weber Shandwick México)

· Superior Achievement in Research and Planning: #MyPainMatters / Buscofem with Cappuccino. (Weber Shandwick Brasil)

· Corporate Image: Huawei - El Camino de un Gigante. (Extend Comunicaciones Chile)

· Crisis/Issues Management: Reinforcing GM’s Commitment to the Brazilian Development. (Weber Shandwick Brasil)

· Digital Campaign: FIFA 18. (Weber Shandwick México)

· Social Media Campaign: #MyPainMatters / Buscofem with Cappuccino. (Weber Shandwick Brasil)

· Healthcare: Cervical cancer prevention. (Extend Comunicaciones Chile)

· Travel and Leisure: An Island Lead by Strong Women – Aruba Tourism Authority. (MDG Argentina) 

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“Metastasis of Love” the concept used by FALP Oncology Institute for its relaunching Cancer has a critical phase: the metastasis. It’s related to how the disease is wide spreading all over the body. To change the perception of this concept so charged of negativity, Momentum Chile proposes the idea “Metastasis of Love: because love also branches out” for the relaunching of the brand of FALP Oncology Institute, leader in Chile and Latin America, and to promote the opening of its new building in Santiago city, of 26.000 m2, with which it expects to increase the attention span.

“When you are diagnosed with cancer, there´s also other metastasis; the love of your family, your friends of University and colleagues, relatives and even people you didn´t know, is turned on wide spreading for each one of them to accompany you on this road to fight the disease” mention José Ignacio Solari and Renzo Vacarisas from McCann Worldgroup Chile, responsible for the creativity behind this campaign. “We wanted to show the light within it that may seem a shadow”.

This is the first time that the Fundación Arturo López Pérez (FALP Oncology Institute) presents an integrated campaign of this kind, investing in the mass media, traditional media and digital media, besides endomarketing, where 3 TVC of 1´30´´ were introduced with three main stories showing that family and friends play an important role in the process of each person, with the most advanced technology, the best team of experts of FALP and the Metastasis of Love, together we will overcome cancer. 

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