Hunt Adkins

Minneapolis, Estados Unidos

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15 South 5th Street, 12th Floor
Minneapolis Minnesota 55402
Estados Unidos
Teléfono: (+1) 612 339 8003

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Empleados: 38

Creaciones: 4

Clientes: 13

Hunt Adkins

15 South 5th Street, 12th Floor
Minneapolis Minnesota 55402
Estados Unidos
Teléfono: (+1) 612 339 8003

Holli Maines

Director of Client Services

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About Hunt Adkins

HA is a creative brand consultancy that solves business problems by interweaving modern culture, commerce & technology for future-defining brands.


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Filosofía y ventajas competitivas

"The ultimate risk is to do work that’s safe.

Here’s how it happens:

You start with a big idea. Something magnificently different. Something that grabs people by the brain stem and squeezes.

Many are called to judge the big idea, to offer criticism. And many offer good feedback.

A few, however, are nervous. They like it, but…


There are some things that they would like removed—very small things, mind you, just the sharp, dangerous edges. Anything that could poke someone.

And since the requests seem so minor, who can refuse them?

So corners are sanded off. Edges are filed down. Until the big idea becomes a featureless lump of bland.

It’s rolled out into the world to a collective yawn.

Producing a “safe” idea is the ultimate risk. You risk being ignored. You risk throwing all your marketing money into the dark oubliette of homogeneity.

The safest, surest approach to success is to create experiences that poke and prod. Ideas that make people laugh and cry, that are covered with corners that incite and edges that fascinate.

The sharp corners are the big ideas.

It’s better to sharpen.

It’s better to be dangerous." 

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