• Tipo de agencia

    • Todo en uno
  • Competencias principales

    • Digital
    • Móvil
    • Redes Sociales
    • Promoción de ventas / Punto de Venta
    • Experiential
    • Branded Content/Entertainment
    • Investigación de Mercado / Asesoría
    • Marcas / Desarrollo del producto
    • Packaging / Diseño
    • Design
    • Visual/Sound Identity
    • Branding/Celebrity endorsement
    • Strategy and Planning
    • Otros

Filosofía y ventajas competitivas

When you work with Lightning Orchard you expressly support: that our highest paid employee and majority equity shareholder is and will always be a she. That we proceed from strategy rather than retrofit it. That added time rarely adds value; experience delivers quickly. That we gauge success by your sales and esteem, not peer awards for us. That our staff will exceed population ratios for diversity, in pursuit of which we voluntarily train at-risk BIPOC youth for careers in the communication and media arts.

Advertising is a human sport. For everyone exposed to it, play it better than yesterday.


Barney Robinson
Chief Executive Officer


Laura Janness
Chief Strategy Officer
Barney Robinson
Chief Executive Officer
Jeff Kling
Chief Creative Officer