TítuloLa Chiripa F.C
Campaña La Chiripa F.C
Anunciante BANTRAB
Marca Financiera
Fecha de primera difusión/publicación
Sector Empresarial Servicios bancarios, inversiones, corredores de bolsa
Lema Ahorra, Presta y Paga para alcanzar tus sueños
Sinopsis Created by BANTRAB, one of the most important banks in Central America, and the agency Rocknrolla,“La Chiripa F.C” narrates the adventures of Jorge and María, two siblings that lead their neighborhood’s football team.
Set around BANTRAB’s values of Responsibility, Honesty, Passion and Equity, the entertaining project has already reached over 6 millions views, becoming one of the most watched branded content in Central America.
"La Chiripa F.C” is the first animated story set in Guatemala, which meant the scouting of real locations and the proper use of slang. The work not only included screenplay writing, but also designing characters from scratch, considering their physical appearance, personalities, and their motives, while also developing a narrative that catches children’s attention.
“The challenge was to find a way to create content that really connected with what children enjoy, without forgetting the key concepts of values and education that the bank wanted to promote. It is a very ambitious project with short episodes and with much to say. We also wanted the story to be authentically Guatemalan, so we had to almost “invent” a voice over market for animation that doesn’t exist here. It was a challenge from end-to-end, that is why these results make as really happy,” mentioned Creative Director at Rocknrolla , Fede Ahunchain.
With the launch of the fourth episode, the series already reached over 6 millions views on its official YouTube channel, where children watch more than 85% of each video, and each user watches, at least, two different videos on the channel.
Along with the series, BANTRAB and ROCKNROLLA had also developed a financial education program destined for children called “Save, Lend and Pay to reach your dreams”. The initiative consists of three modules hosted by “La Chiripa F.C” characters who share examples that make finance easy to understand and entertaining.
The project will continue to grow develop new dimensions and integrate the program to Guatemalan schools, helping children to learn financial conceptos through games and video games. 
Medio Interactivo
Banda Sonora La Rockolita, Diego Alvarado
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