TítuloUncorking a memorable brand experience
Campaña Uncorking a memorable brand experience
Anunciante Firstleaf
Marca Firstleaf
PostedAbril 2022
Sector Empresarial Vinos, cavas
Lema Uncorking a memorable brand experience
Sinopsis Challenge: Help Firstleaf, an American subscription-based wine club, refresh their brand identity to truly reflect who they are, what they stand for, and connect with their target audience. 

Outcome: A modern and strong brand foundation that speaks volumes and clearly conveys Firstleaf’s values, beliefs, and personality. The refreshed brand is supported by an extensive brand guide and compass that help ensure consistency across touchpoints. 
Resultado The refreshed brand was immediately applied to Firstleaf’s marketing materials like their box packaging and used in two TV commercials. The first responses have been positive, stay tuned for further updates!
Medio Case Study
Más información https://dpdk.com/work/firstleaf
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