London, Reino Unido
TítuloLa Casa De Papel
Campaña La Casa De Papel : The Biggest Fan
Anunciante Netflix
Marca Netflix
Fecha de primera difusión/publicación
Sector Empresarial Programas y cadenas de televisión y radio
Lema La Casa De Papel : The biggest fan
Sinopsis Amplify created a format-busting IRL-meets-content, fully integrated phased campaign mobilising Money Heist’s devoted fan base. Inviting people to test their knowledge of the series via an online time-based Money Heist quiz and to submit their chosen city code name…like the members of La Banda in the show. The winners were then whitlled down and six French and Polish Money Heist superfans went head-to-head in a worldbuilding reality game show entertainment format,born from the show’s IP. Lyon, our French winner, was featured in the OOH campaign across Paris promoting the release of Season 5 part 2 and was also whisked away to Madrid at a major event, called La Casa De Papel: El Legado, a live talk show-style format gathering the entire cast and creators on stage.
Filosofía With one of Netflix’s biggest cultural phenomena coming to an end, Amplify was tasked to promote the launch of the final season of Money Heist to celebrate its cultural legacy.
Problema Money Heist has superfans worldwide - we’ve seen tattoos, themed weddings, parties, protests and celebrities like Kylian Mbappé and Neymar Jr. all embracing the show’s iconography.

But we wanted to find a way to celebrate the Money Heist phenomenon, that gave back to the fans.
Resultado Amplify created a format-busting IRL-meets-content, fully integrated phased campaign that mobilised Money Heist’s devoted fan base, and integrated them into new entertainment spin-offs of the show.
Medio Case Study
Mercado Polonia, Francia, Reino Unido, España
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