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Basic Info

Premios: 397

Creaciones: 275

Clientes: 8

Premios: 397

Creaciones: 275

Clientes: 8

180 Amsterdam

Herengracht 506
Amsterdam 1017 CB
Países Bajos
Teléfono: (+31) 020 4222 180

About 180 Amsterdam

Filosofía y ventajas competitivas
180 is an international creative agency based in Amsterdam. It's always bothered us to hear agencies flaunt themselves as 'international' and capable of creating global campaigns just because they have a network of different nationalities working in their respective offices around the world. So we wondered if there was an alternate, more efficient approach that could work just as well (or even better) on a smaller scale. We think there is. Because if the goal is to provide clients with an international insight and/or campaigns (and we'd like to be known for that)why wouldn't it work to hire the best people from around the world and stick them together in one office? Which is what we've done
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Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA)
VEA/Dutch Association of Communication Agencies (VEA)