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Kantersteen 47
Bruxelles 1000
Teléfono: (+32) 2 545 65 00

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Fundada en: 1969

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Premios: 30

Clientes: 12

Ogilvy Brussels

Kantersteen 47
Bruxelles 1000
Teléfono: (+32) 2 545 65 00

Philippe Cavadini

Managing Director

Teléfono: (+32) 02 545 65 00

Benoit Dumortier

General Manager

Teléfono: (+32) 02 545 65 00

Mark Hilltout

Creative Director

Teléfono: (+32) 02 545 65 00

Paul Huygens

General Manager Promotional Campaigns

Teléfono: (+32) 02 545 65 00

Sylvie Raymakers

Teléfono: (+32) 02 545 65 00

Rob Shimmin

Managing Director

Teléfono: (+32) 02 545 65 00

Philippe Stockman

CEO / Managing Director

Teléfono: (+32) 02 545 65 00

About Ogilvy Brussels

POSSIBLE is a creative agency that cares about results.

Our mission is simple: create world-class work that works. That’s why we back up every idea with hard-core data for solutions that make a measurable difference.

With 19 offices spanning four continents, POSSIBLE boasts some of the best creative minds on the planet. We’ve used the power of this collective intelligence to transform the industry and elevate global brands like Microsoft, Coca-Cola, and the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation.

By design, we are visionaries, innovators and pioneers. If that describes you too, then by all means, get in touch—we’d love to work with you. 


Inglés, Flamenco, Francés, Alemán
Filosofía y ventajas competitivas
It?s common for agencies to talk about the superiority of their
"creative product". Which is the last thing we want to do, simply because it?s the last thing we actually do.

Ogilvy & Mather believes the basis of all good communication to be planning or strategic thinking. Beautifully designed work with no real thinking is like an inferior Hollywood remake of a wonderful European film. It costs money, but says nothing and is ultimately pointless.

We hold that all the most memorable advertising is not really based on a "creative" idea, but on a unique consumer insight, or put another way, careful strategic thinking. So before we put marker to paper or finger to keyboard, we talk about the brand, its competition, its problems and the opportunities.

Then together with our clients we seek to formulate a sound, differentiating strategy. We abhor the myth that surrounds the word "creative", but we prize inventive thinking and welcome fresh ideas, no matter where they originate. The notion that only "creative" people can contribute ideas is not only arrogant, but untrue.

Everyone in our agency is encouraged to think differently. As indeed are our clients. Much as we hate "creativity", so we treasure "craft". Writers who write well, art directors who see well, designers who design well, media planners and account directors who communicate with people not just the bottom line.
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