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TítuloDot Translate Case
Campaña Dot Translate. The First Braille Translator Based on AI.
Anunciante Dot Incorporation
Marca Dot Incorporation
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Producto Dot Translate
Sinopsis While we are all used to having access to almost any content, the situation is very different for the 285 million blind and visually impaired people worldwide: Only 3% of all text content is available in braille, because translation is so complex that it requires input by human experts, which makes it not accessible for individuals and not profitable for publishers in most cases. There is no alternative to braille, especially when it comes to education: 90% of people who can’t read braille are unemployed.

Braille translation is highly complex: Grade 2 Braille – the standard for longer text – relies heavily on contractions, which makes it 50% shorter. This inevitably leads to ambiguity, where exact meaning depends on context and up to five consecutive rules to be followed for a single word. So far, even the best existing software requires additional input by human experts.

Dot Translate is the first braille translator based on AI. It can translate any digital text to braille on its own, at near-human accuracy. Because it’s being trained with millions of most accurate human translations.
Dot Translate is accessible through an intuitive web interface, Dot devices and other digital braille devices. It can translate a wide range of formats and sources: type, e-pub, pdf, txt, doc, rtf, html and even voice. Through the bookmark feature, users can directly translate and format whole websites. Dot Translate can be integrated by third party services and products. But most importantly: While existing braille translation software costs up to $700, Dot Translate is free to use. This is important, because due to the nature of Machine Learning and a feedback tool, usage increases the accuracy.
Global Chief Creative Officer // SERVICEPLAN GERMANY Alex Schill
CEO // Dot Incorporation Eric Ju Yoon Kim
CDO // Dot Incorporation Jae Seong Joo
CTO // Dot Incorporation Ki Sung
Director of Social Impact // Dot Incorporation Ahrum Choi
Global Partnership Manager // Dot Incorporation Jimin Ryu
Creative Director / CEO // cloudandco // Dot Incorporation Yeong Kyu Yoo
Designer // Dot Incorporation Ki Hwan Joo
Creative Director // SERVICEPLAN GERMANY Franz Röppischer
Creative Director // SERVICEPLAN GERMANY Lorenz Langgartner
Creative // SERVICEPLAN GERMANY Saurabh Kakade
Art Director // SERVICEPLAN GERMANY Eduardo Alvarez
Junior Copywriter // SERVICEPLAN GERMANY Carolina Soto
Technical Director // Hyperinteractive GmbH Dieter Pries
AI Director // Hyperinteractive GmbH Bozhidar Yovchev
AI Engineer // Hyperinteractive GmbH Anton Petrov
Data Analyst // Hyperinteractive GmbH Vasil Vasilev
Creative Code // Standardabweichung Daniel Kuhnlein
Creative Direction // Moby Digg GmbH Maximilian Heitsch
Concept // Moby Digg GmbH Niklas May
UI Design // Moby Digg GmbH Marco Kawan
Animation // Moby Digg GmbH Sebastian Haiss
Producer // Paulus Co. Ltd Kyungsin Kim
Director // Paulus Co. Ltd Dahoon Chung
DOP // Paulus Co. Ltd Yongsang Cho
Cinematographer // Paulus Co. Ltd Handong Ryu
Designer // cloudandco Young Woo Choi
Graphic Designer // cloudandco Nara Ok
Copywriter // SERVICEPLAN KOREA Yoon Seo
Art Director // SERVICEPLAN KOREA Jihyun Seo
Senior Account Manager // SERVICEPLAN KOREA Yujin Ko
Account Executive // SERVICEPLAN KOREA Yerim Kim