Hershey's - "06 HERSHE YZALU" by PHNX Tribute 2020

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Campaña #HerSheGallery
Anunciante The Hershey Company
Marca Hershey's
Fecha de primera difusión/publicación
Producto #HerSheGallery
Sinopsis For years Hershey’s has been changing its packaging. But only in 2020 something occurred to us.


For International Women's Day, we made the strongest change ever. We turned real packaging into a canvas, and invited artists to showcase their work. But these are not commemorative packages. They're an exhibition. Each woman created something from scratch specifically for the “Her” and “She” wrappers.
In few days limited edition was sold out at supermarkets.

We also opened our social networks to invite all women to participate. The response was huge: illustrators, writers, singers, dancers and many more shared their work in order to be featured in the HerShe Gallery.
In 1 week we’ve had: 1 billion total impressions; US$300,000.00 in earned media; A limited edition sold out; And best of all: 100% positive feeling.

HerShe Gallery.
Showcasing female talent, one bar at a time.
CCO Erh Ray
ECD Andrea Siqueira
Creative Director Andrea Siqueira, Gabriel Sotero, Murilo Melo
Creative Team André Batista, Diego Canhisares, Fernanda Peka, James Döring, Milena Cabral, Rodrigo Casanovas
Account Fernanda Modena, Izabel Petegrosso, Renan Santos
Media Carlinha Gagliardi, Carlos Jordão, Julia Camargo, Dorilangio Souza
Strategy Agatha Kim, Renato Duo, Mirella Nascimento, Milena Nakata, Isabela Cury, Jessica Scaraficci
Producer Anna Luisa Ferraz, Andrea Carmassi, Priscyla Farina
Artist Ana Flávia, Bruna Mendez, Camila Lordelo, Lole, Luiza Mussnich, Yzalú
Voice of the film Yzalú
Photographer Genga Estúdio
3D Producer Origolab
Editing Tiago Hasegawa
Sound Production Company Jamute
Account Kiki Eisenbraun, Sabrina Geraissate
Coordinator Juliana Zuppo, Cassia Garcia
Sound Design Fernanda Galetti
Advertiser Marcel Sacco, Emerson Cação, Rodrigo Campos, Larissa Schreiner, Ana Fontes