Cape Verde Government - "Pedro +" by PHNX Tribute 2023

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TítuloPedro +
Campaña Names
Anunciante Cape Verde Government
Marca Cape Verde Government
Fecha de primera difusión/publicación
Sector Empresarial Gobierno y otras instituciones
Lema Your blood can prolong someone's life. Be a donor.
Sinopsis The Covid-19 pandemic also had serious consequences for blood banks around the world. In Cape Verde there was an 80% reduction in blood donations, with a direct impact on surgeries, emergencies and the lives of people in need of blood regularly. Faced with this reality, the Government of Cape Verde decided to take advantage of World Blood Donor Day to sensitize people not only to the voluntary act, but to extend and make donations constant. Donating blood saves lives, but the truth is that most donors only do it when a relative or close friend needs it. In this context, in which families mourn their losses due to reduced blood stocks in hospitals, spontaneous donation can make a difference. The campaign names these people who are between life and death and who just need a gesture of solidarity to survive. The spots only show the names “Pedro” and “Maria” without the last letter. Meanwhile, we hear the characteristic sound of an ICU machine indicating that the patient has low vital signs. When the sound of the machine indicates that the patient has died, behold, the last letters appear, in fact blood types that complete the names. Instantly, we heard the beep-beep of the machine again, indicating that the patient came back to life.
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