Excuses booths to taste Andes beer

Indoor marketing operation with giant beer mugs

Andes and its Argentinean agency, Del Campo Nazca Saatchi and Saatchi, have collaborated to create a truly unique indoor marketing operation in response to a common situation that men face when out with their friends.
The agency created giant, soundproof booths called Teletransporters. The Teletransporters were placed in Argentinean bars to serve as a safe haven for men. Upon receiving a call from their girlfriends, men can step out of the loud bar and into the sound proof booth to take the call. All they have to do is choose the most believable ambience sound effect to play in the background during their phone call.
Del Campo’s one of a kind Teletransporter now provides a way for men to enjoy Andes beer with their friends while avoiding arguments with their girlfriends.
TítuloTeletransporter (Film)
Campaña Teletransporter - Andes
Anunciante AB Inbev
Marca Andes

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PostedEnero 2010
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