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181 Nam Wai Rd Sai Kung New Territories
Hong Kong

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The Observatory International

181 Nam Wai Rd Sai Kung New Territories
Hong Kong

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About The Observatory International

The Observatory International is the leading global management consultancy dedicated to helping companies transform and optimise their Marketing and Communications resources in a digitally enabled world.

Today more than ever, marketers need to drive greater efficiencies and show tangible results. The Observatory International offers support at every stage of planning, procurement, resource allocation, agency selection and relationship management.

You’ll work with senior consultants who understand the challenges and the concerns of all stakeholders – marketing, finance, procurement and communications agencies.

What you’ll get is clear, objective advice backed up by proprietary data and expert analysis – and reliable, quantifiable processes that will continue to add value well into the future. Our practise areas include;
• Agency search and selection
• Agency compensation
• Marketing resource optimisation
• Marketing performance measurement 


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Filosofía y ventajas competitivas

Our global team of category experts offer comprehensive solutions for every aspect of effective marketing resource management including:
Agency search and selection
Compensation and benchmarking
Agency roster architecture and resource allocation
Client agency relationship management
Skills development
And performance measurement

We work with you to understand the challenges and concerns of all stakeholders – marketing, finance procurement and communications agencies.

Our processes are designed to provide usable results by leveraging our consultant’s extensive expertise.

Our partners are expert at using robust, metrics based proprietary tools and implementing best practice techniques and applied consistently across global markets.

Agency Search
The Observatory’s search consultants will find the best agencies for you wherever in the world you go to market.

The Observatory makes a difference to your agency search and selection because:
We accept no fees from agencies, to ensure we act in your best interests at all times
Our unparalleled understanding of the local, regional and global agency landscape means we get you to the strongest set of agency candidates fast.

Our search and selection process systematically reduces a broad list of candidate agencies to identify the best fit for you in term of credentials, experience and chemistry.

With a focus on usable results the vast majority of strategic and creative work generated during a The Observatory review is produced and used.

Our approach has been proven over time and against a full range of clients, locations, categories and agency disciplines from ATL to digital, PR and beyond.

We can tailor our approach without sacrificing quality of the process or results.

Agency Compensation

We work with you to design appropriate and mutually acceptable compensation agreements that provide fair value to marketers, and fair profit to your agencies.

Fee negotiations are notoriously complicated because of the different needs and expectation of marketers, procurement professionals and agencies. We bring together all the parties involved to shape an efficient and fair client/agency way of working.

We evaluate proposed or existing staffing arrangements to identify hidden or unnecessary costs as well as identify what constitutes reasonable staffing within a well-defined scope of work.

The output is a staffing structure, contractual terms and conditions and a compensation agreement designed to achieve your specific goals.

Resource Optimisation

Optimising your marketing resources is about having the right structure, an appropriate agency roster, an efficient and effective engagement process and ensuring your team has the right skills to meet challenges. With over 25 years’ experience Roth Observatory International’s consultants are able to provide valuable insight, direction and practical advice on getting more from your marketing resources.

The digital landscape is reshaping marketing activity and with it marketing team structures. Our client casebook provide insights into how marketing teams across the world are restructuring to handle evolving business objectives and the capabilities and skills required to support this activity.

Performance Measurement

Our proprietary performance monitoring and measurement tools identify client-agency problems at an early stage, and can be tailored to the requirements of your organisation.

We help you identify the cause of the problem, rather than temporarily fix a symptom
We work with your team to develop the right set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
We use light-touch online tools and deep dive face-to-face consultation to create benchmarks and quickly identify areas that need remedying.
We ensure performance data feeds into Payment By Results (PBR) mechanisms to systematically, and fairly, reward great performance. 

Descripción de la red

The Observatory International is the leading global management consultancy dedicated to helping companies transform and optimise their Marketing and Communications resources in a digitally enabled world. 

Our consultants have been working with leading marketers across Europe, North America, Africa and Asia for decades. 

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