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Acerca de RPA

In a word (well, two words), we believe in PEOPLE FIRST.
Whether you call it a philosophy, a positioning, a mission, or a manifesto, it amounts to the same thing: an approach to our work, our people, and our clients that has guided us since the beginning. And always will.
We connect brands with people, and people with brands. And in doing so, we help our clients drive business success. We are attracted to brands with a beating heart and a greater purpose in the world — brands comprised of people who truly care about those they serve, and who share our belief in valuing those on staff.
We have a culture that values and supports our people, their lives and their professional growth. We believe we work best when we work together, leaving titles and disciplines at the door. We work to create truly integrated teams, and empower them to solve our clients’ business challenges in exciting and unprecedented ways.
We create ideas and experiences that resonate with people. Things people want to share, talk about, and engage with. We start by seeing a brand’s business challenges through the “People Lens” — a fancy way of saying that we place ourselves in the lives of the people on the other end of an experience or a piece or brand communication. We hold our work to a higher standard than any industry award: the human standard.
As technology, client expectations, business models, and media channels change — focusing on “People First” is what keeps us relevant, successful and ahead of the curve. 

Latest News

Southern California Edison Hires RPA and IW Group

Santa Monica, CA, May X, 2021 – Southern California Edison (SCE) has hired RPA and is continuing its longstanding, 19-year relationship with IW Group. RPA and IW Group will operate as a single team to service the creative and media contract — from getting out timely energy conservation tips through innovative technology solutions and delivering big strategic and creative thinking.

RPA will take a leadership role and bring the technology and innovation knowhow, including UX/web development and marketing automation. IW Group will ensure continuity, legacy knowledge and deep multicultural experience.

“SCE is commited to supporting minority owned DBE businesses and looks forward to continuing our long-lasting relationship with the IW Group. It’s a winning combination: IW Group’s strong multicultural insights and community relationships plus RPA’s full-service experience across creative, media, digital, customer experience and marketing automation,” said Caroline Choi, Senior VP of Corporate Affairs at SCE.

“The RPA / IW Group partnership is an ideal solution for SCE to help connect with their customers for the future. We believe that SCE’s customers deserve a unified customer experience, and together we are a truly unified team that can deliver that,” said Pete Imwalle, Chief Growth and Operations Officer at RPA.

“IW Group brings years of experience on SCE’s business and RPA brings a deep bench of incredible talent across discplines. Together, they’re a force to help SCE achieve their goals and build even stronger relationships with customers,” said Nita Song, President and Chief Momentum Officer at IW Group.

About RPA

RPA, headquartered in Santa Monica, Calif., is a leading independent full-service advertising agency whose mission is to create ideas and experiences that put “People First,” within a culture that empowers individuals and teams. RPA has a proven track record of building brands while building businesses into positions of category leadership, and has been rewarded with many long-term client relationships because of it. RPA’s client list includes American Honda, ampm, Apartments.com, ARCO, Cedars-Sinai, CKE, (parent company of Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s), CoStar Group, Farmers Insurance Group,
La-Z-Boy and Southwest Airlines. For more information, visit http://www.rpa.com.

About IW Group

IW Group is an award-winning agency specializing in Asian, multicultural, and generational marketing headquartered in Los Angeles with offices in New York and San Francisco.  Leveraging 30 years of niche marketing expertise, IW Group delivers innovative, break-thru marketing solutions with a focus on “bullseye and beyond” for clients including McDonald’s, Lexus, Warner Bros, Netflix, Disney, the California Department of Public Health, and Southern California Edison.  The Association of National Advertisers named IW Group in 2020, as the “Most Winningest Asian Agency” in their 20-year history.  For more information, go to https://iwgroup.agency/

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