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Acerca de Ogilvy UK

Ogilvy has been growing brands and businesses since 1948. We continue that rich legacy through borderless creativity— operating, innovating, and creating at the intersection of talent and capabilities. We believe impact and magic lies at this intersection. Our experts in Advertising, Growth & Innovation, Public Relations, Experience and Health work fluidly across 132 offices in 82 countries, seamlessly connecting and accessing deep cultural insights.

Latest News

The Ten Seismic Shifts That Will Impact Brands by 2030

New Ogilvy Report Forecasts Key CMO Considerations for Decade Ahead 

The 2030 Forecast examines ten foundational societal shifts that will define marketing strategies over the next decade. Written by Ogilvy Consulting, the report analyses crucial cultural, economic and social changes happening in the world today, and forecasts their commercial impact.


Over the next seven years business leaders must pre-empt and navigate issues including a global workforce revolution, the changing consumer relationships with AI & tech, the new world economic dominance, the rise of the sharing economy and women taking control of global wealth.


“The 2030 Forecast predicts critical business implications and uncovers the opportunities for brands and businesses. The forecast is a guide, and warning, of what businesses can do now to prepare and develop new survival strategies for the future. The next seven years will be crucial for humanity and business - is your organization ready?” Ann Higgins, EMEA CEO, Ogilvy Consulting


The ten global shifts business leaders will need to navigate for 2030 are:


EXTREME VOLATILITY - the era of global stability ends


SCARCE TALENT - massive talent shortages and rise of AI colleagues


PREVENTION HEALTHCARE - every business becomes a wellness company


EAST AND WEST DECOUPLE - the world splits into two spheres of influence


SHARING RISES OWNERSHIP DECLINES - the sharing-economy boom


MANDATORY ESG - companies will manage for Environment, Social & Governance


UBIQUITOUS AI – artificial intelligence will impact everything


AGING TURNS SILVER TO GOLD - smart businesses will market to older consumers


ERA OF RENEWABLE ENERGY- the developing world leapfrogs fossil fuels


WOMEN TAKE CONTROL OF GLOBAL WEALTH – the new wealth management


Download the full report here: https://bit.ly/3WZol9S


“The years remaining in this decade will be pivotal for humanity as we face new problems to solve and innovate to address them. Ogilvy Consulting is casting a light on where the world will move by 2030 with this report. Modern civilization will have to double down on our characteristic ingenuity and innate drive to thrive, because through our own advancement, we’ve made the world more volatile and less hospitable. As more people assume economic power and the world becomes more complex, multipolar, and likely more dangerous, it remains filled with the opportunity to have impact.” Carla Hendra, Global CEO of Ogilvy Consulting

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