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Be inspired by the best creative work from around the world.

PostedAbril 2017
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Acerca de INDIE Amsterdam

We are INDIE, and our mission is to perfect the rare combination between distinct creativity and top service.
We are INDIE, because
- we have an independent fresh view on different kinds of issues.  
- we have the freedom to choose the most qualified suppliers to cooperate with.-
- we have an open, unbiased culture, where ego is irrelevant.
- we are the agency by, with and for independent souls.

Latest News

New Tele2 campaign celebrates Online Heroes

In the new campaign from Tele2 and INDIE-Amsterdam, Online Heroes are central: they have devoured the entire internet. These are the new world travelers. They have seen everything, done everything, know everyone. INDIE's ECD Lode Schaeffer stated: “It fits with the Tele2 brand to celebrate an abundance of data. Not because you have to. But because you can.” Danielle Snoeij, Head of Brand & Communication and Margaret Kreuger, Manager Marketing Communication Tele2 added: “With this campaign we show that the Internet can bring you something beautiful, special and new, in the form of knowledge, contacts and skills.” Music always plays an important role in the Tele2 campaign. For the campaign soundtrack, this time the agency worked with LA producer Switch (Chaka Khan, Major Lazer). The campaign will be used on TV, cinema, radio and OOH. CODE D’AZUR created the digital adaptation of the campaign, together with photographer Lois Cohen.

Creative Agency: INDIE-Amsterdam
Clients Tele2: Leslie Hoogeveen, Danielle Snoeij, Margeret Kreuger
Producer: Robert Roosenstein
Soundtrack: Switch
Director: Sharif Abdel Mawla
DOP: Daan Bukman
Production company: Bonkers | United
Editor: Brian Ent, Kapsalon
Grading: Laurens Orij
Online campaign: CODE D’AZUR
Photography: Lois Cohen
Production company: Cake 

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