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Acerca de Juniper Park\TBWA

We are a full-service marketing and communications agency offering brands integrated communications, brand strategy, in-house production, digital expertise and branding & design services. Located in the heart of North America’s fourth largest city, Juniper Park\TBWA is a world-class agency that just happens to be headquartered in Toronto.
Our true competitive advantage is our Disruption® methodology. We identify the cultural or market conventions to overturn. We scrutinize the future to determine what could lift the brand higher. And we define a Disruption platform that inspires the way the brand behaves and communicates. Over its 25+ year history as part of the TBWA collective, our agency has continued to evolve the Disruption® methodology to fit the ever-changing needs of our clients. We find new ways to break conventions, innovate in the marketplace, connect with consumers at the speed of culture and deliver unprecedented brand and business results on behalf of our clients.
Achieving positive results requires strong partnerships. Our collaborative client list includes brands such as CIBC, Nissan, Capital Group, PepsiCo, GoDaddy, GSK Consumer Healthcare, Intuit, and many more.
DiversityWe have one of the most talented, diverse creative teams in North America because we believe that great talent is the cornerstone of great creative work. 57% of our agency team is female. This is incredibly rare in our industry. 51% of our team has lived in other parts of the world, including our CCO, Graham Lang, who joined the team from South Africa, and our Managing Director, David Toto, who is from France. We believe that diversity is a uniquely important ingredient when marketing to global citizens, and diverse communities across North America.
Strategy Embracing strategy as a core discipline has helped us stand out versus the competition. Our Strategy team consistently carves out the strategic direction for our clients, and our agency’s creative work. Brand Planners, Digital Strategists, Social Strategists, Community Managers and our Data Scientist each play unique and critical roles throughout the campaign process, helping define and articulate opportunities to insert our clients’ brands into modern culture.
Design Iconic branding that is consistent yet fluid across mediums, big & small, is our visual trademark. This gift to our clients is baked into all our work.

Latest News

Montellier Celebrates the Beauty of Natural Balance

Montellier Carbonated Natural Spring Water is excited to announce

the launch of a new brand campaign focused on communicating its unique and naturally

balanced taste. The proudly Canadian owned and operated brand, sourced in Quebec, is

conveying how its water is sparkling, yet also smooth, through a beautifully crafted spot, as

well as POS, digital, print, and social elements.

The truth about things that work in perfect balance is that they can be unexpected and

surprising. But what ultimately matters is that they just work together. Like how the simple

things can also be sophisticated, how the calm moments can be invigorating, and laidback

time can also be lively. Or in Montellier’s case: sparkling can also be smooth.

To communicate this product truth and how Montellier’s natural balance adds a touch of

sparkle to any occasion, the brand worked for the first time with creative agency Juniper

Park\TBWA and its design arm, Le Parc Design.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of this new campaign. The Juniper Park\TBWA team

was able to come up with an innovative and creative way to present one of our brand’s key

attributes. JP’s team has a strong aesthetic sense and we truly appreciated working with them

and the PepsiCo team to turn this idea into a great campaign platform,” says Emilie Coulombe,

Sales Director at Montellier.

Montellier is perfectly balanced with its distinct smooth sparkling bubbles. This quality, honed

over three generations, is what sets this award-winning sparkling water apart from others.

The new spot brings this to life by capturing and celebrating the special moments in life where

balance surprisingly exists - a snowball fight, a lakeside hangout, or a dinner with friends - to

draw the connection between how natural balance permeates every aspect of Montellier.

“The creative idea and execution really aims to reflect the product itself in a very evocative and

sensorial way,” says Jenny Glover, Executive Creative Director at Juniper Park\TBWA.

A unique and distinctive visual identity was developed for the campaign using the brand’s bold

blue colour to highlight its characteristically playful nature. Bubbles are used to illustrate the

contrast between sparkling and smooth, an unusual combination that turns out to be

harmonious. The empty bubble representing “sparkling,” and the full bubble being “smooth.”

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