TítuloOddly IKEA (Film Case)
Campaña Oddly IKEA
Anunciante IKEA
Marca IKEA

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Acerca de Ogilvy

David Ogilvy created a culture that exemplifies the attitudes and behaviors of “divine discontent.” We believe passionately in exploring and innovating; in collaborating and sharing knowledge; in upholding respect and inclusion; in clarity and candor; and in holding ourselves accountable for everything we do. We seek to bring out the inner greatness in brands, companies and people.
We will build – and seek to transform – our clients’ brands and businesses through the most diverse, highest-quality mix of multidiscipline marketing and creative communications services, with our words infused with the shared purpose of “pervasive creativity.”
Ogilvy has helped to build some of the most recognizable brands in the world, including American Express and IBM. Ogilvy’s strength is bringing together “magic and logic” – creativity and data, storytelling and interactivity, and branding in a “long tail” world. We combine big creative thoughts with the most advanced marketing technologies available, to deliver the best marketing ROIs in the industry. Our strategic brand transformation approach has sustained or revived brands in many categories.
Ogilvy is one of the premiere marketing communications companies in the world. Guided by founder David Ogilvy’s credo “We Sell, Or Else,” the company is comprised of industry leading units in all of the following capabilities: advertising, public relations and public affairs; branding and identity; shopper and retail marketing; healthcare communications; direct, digital, promotion and relationship marketing; consulting, research and analytics capabilities; branded content and entertainment; and specialist communications. 

Latest News

Park Pictures' Terri Timely Visualises the World of the IBM Cloud for Ogilvy NY

Directing duo takes an architectural look at the world of the vast IBM Cloud

Park Pictures' Terri Timely Visualises the World of the IBM Cloud for Ogilvy NY

Park Pictures directing duo Terri Timely takes an architectural look at the world of the vast IBM Cloud in the new 60 second 'Designed for Data' for IBM, out of Ogilvy NY. The spot utilises Terri Timely’s signature clever visual composition to snapshot the limitless array of data that can be stored in the IBM Cloud.

Within a continuous shot panning out, we see a sleek warehouse with a meticulously constructed lineup of vignettes building upon one another, magnifying the depth and variety of businesses’ usage of the cloud. The campaign also includes three additional 30 second spots that highlight real customers, including “Built for Transformation,” “Ready for New Business Models,” and “Spotlight on Dark Data.” 

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