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Be inspired by the best creative work from around the world.

PostedOctubre 2018
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Acerca de Lemon Scented Tea

In today’s society it’s becoming more and more challenging to get noticed as a brand. Now more than ever it is key to make an instant emotional connection with your consumers to cut through the (digital) clutter. Not only by making engaging communication, but by becoming an engaging brand. But how do you make such a connection?

The Brand Hero Approach

Using stories to engage people is used from the Bible to James Bond. All these stories have one similar structure. There is always a hero, the hero fights to achieve a goal. He has various means to reach that goal. standing in the way of that goal is an adversary. Always. The adversary interferes with the hero and keeps him from achieving its goal. That's when things get interesting. That's when a conflict is born. This conflict is the true trigger for human engagement. But what works in fims -and games also works for brands. With the Brand Hero Approach we use this unbelievable power of story to create strong brands and produce fully integrated communication campaigns, editorials storylines and brand experiences. 

It’s simple, but also revolutionary! 

Latest News

Lemon Scented Tea presents The Story Seminar


On the 29th of November creative agency Lemon Scented Tea organizes the Story Seminar. During this seminar, we will explore different strategies to build strong memory structures within the consumers’ brain. Inspired by the intellectual legacy of Byron Sharp various international speakers will share their perspective on how to build strong memory structures and grow mental availability. Five international top speakers will share their different strategies to build distinctive brand assets and illustrate their perspectives with outstanding brand cases. The speakers are: 

TOMS - Lisa Hogg, who will talk about the purpose of TOMS and how this grows a strong brand
Rivella - Karlijn van Ruiten, who will talk about the Byron Sharp tactic that they are using to grow the Rivella brand
CitizenM - Jaimee Hulsmeyer, who will introduce their approach of PR, activation and influencer campaigns.
Blauw Research - Bram Jonkheer - a research agency that will come in and talk about the research that they have performed on growing brands.
Lemon Scented Tea - Gijs de Beus, our strategy director will tell a story about how we work with growing brands with the power of story

Additionally, Nick Bailey from Finchfactor will host the day! 
The Story Seminar will take place at Pllek Amsterdam. A great space in Amsterdam-Noord at the NDSM wharf, and it will take place from 15.00 until approx. 19.30. From 19.30 there is an additional networking drink until around 20.30. Tickets are available here.

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