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PostedAbril 2019
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Acerca de Film Construction

Two young men, armed with a singular vision and a hand-levered La Pavoni espresso machine, decided to take over a basement office beside a student pub in Auckland, New Zealand.
The year was 1996, and they knew this much – they were passionate about filmmaking, and partial to a good coffee.
Since then, Film Construction has grown beyond the bounds of a basement and into one of Australasia’s most creative and awarded film production companies with head office in Auckland, and outposts in Sydney, Singapore, and Wanaka.
Widely regarded as a nurturing home for filmmaking talent, dozens of filmmakers have called it home. Todays roster is a film family of inventive Film Directors, and energetic Producers.
And while Film Construction has always been passionate about filmmaking, we’ve never been more excited about things than we are today. With the explosive evolution of technology, we can now shoot in many formats, and for many different screens. We work with advertising agencies, direct with marketing and communications departments, as well as broadcasters.
And of course we work with offshore production companies wanting to shoot their projects in New Zealand.
Place has been specifically created to handle production services for offshore productions. As highly experienced line producers you can be confident that you'll be filming in the right locations, with the best crews, maximising your budget and getting the best onscreen value for your project. All whilst enjoying the delicious food, wine and coffee that New Zealand is renowned for. 
A competitively priced destination for basing your next offshore production with very favourable exchange rates. Making your production dollar go that much further. 
For more info on filming in New Zealand hit the link here www.filmconstructionplace.com

Latest News

Harriett Maire on directing BREADCRUMBS & BACON

From a 15 second commercial to a three minute soliloquy. Director Harriett Maire reflects on the joy that comes from diverse styles of filmmaking.

,The film industry is pretty unique. I know I’m preaching to the converted here, but we should acknowledge how lucky we are to work on such a variety of projects within a single medium. Recently, I’ve directed a couple of pieces in very different disciplines, each with their own creative aims and constraints.

In my spare time, I’m creating a collection of monologues entitled single/single. The concept allows me to combine my favourite aspects of theatre and film. Each monologue is a single take, with no cuts to negotiate around. It’s an opportunity for an actor to process a moment from beginning to end. For me, there is nothing more unifying than experiencing a moment in real time alongside a character. Each monologue is an opportunity to explore a single moment in time - working with the actor to create an original context for the script we’ve chosen. I work best with a few creative constraints like this. To simply “make a film” without any specific rules or limitations, is to be paralysed by the scope of that suggestion. The other end of that spectrum, the end with hard time limits and a solid creative brief, is a fifteen second commercial.

When Contagion approached me to direct a 15” for Beehive Bacon, I jumped at the opportunity. To tell a cheeky, engaging story which ticks all the boxes in handfuls of seconds - hello, creative constraints! Yes please! You can’t afford to waste a millisecond. I was focussing on strong performances for this narrative, choosing not to engage with music or dialogue to bolster the story. I really enjoyed the process and had a wonderful team in front of and behind the camera, which made the whole process seamless.

Breadcrumbs and Bacon demanded different directing chops but both equally enjoyable. I look forward to the next food group (or not) to wrap my directing teeth around. Game on!

,View more of Harriett's work



Director & Producer - Harriett Maire

Performer - Arlo Green

DOP - Cameron Betts

Colourist - Andrew Brown @ TOYBOX

Script - An excerpt from the play ‘Hold Me!’ by Jules Feiffer

1st AC - Alex Campbell

Sound - Wendy Adams



Director - Harriett Maire

Producer - Ferris Bradley

DOP - Renaud Maire

Editor/ Colourist - Steve Cox

1st AC - Ryan Spearman

Gaffer/Grip - Pablo Stevenson

LX Assist - Tim Shadbolt

Art Director - Nicky Verdon

Wardrobe/Make up - Carron Wells

Food stylist - Fiona Smith

Sound - Tim Brott

First Aid - Casey Latch

Production Runner - Hamish Ogilvie

Dog wrangler - Grace Hood-Edwards

Production Company - Film Construction

Executive Producers - Belinda Bradley & Jozsef Fityus

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