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Acerca de Havas London

Havas London is Havas UK's flagship creative agency. Our mission is to make a meaningful difference to the businesses, the brands and the lives of the people we work with.
We’re the only major UK advertising agency to share a single building with every other specialist business in our network, all under a single P&L. Sitting within the Havas Village in King’s Cross affords us some clear advantages; none more so than our ability to build bespoke, multi-discipline teams around our clients, whatever their business need. 
Reasons why us:
1. We are unique. We are the only agency in London that operates a truly channel neutral, single P&L, "village model". Every single marketing discipline under a single roof, run for you by a single business lead. Simpler, faster, more cost efficient. 
2. We have a "start-up mentality in a network structure". We have transformed the work and culture to create an agency with an incredible new business record and an outstanding client list. 
3. A simple belief. That the work we do together should be meaningful. It should have a positive meaningful impact on the lives of our target audience and the people who create it. 
4. Our client satisfaction scores. We track our performance and care about our clients – our scores have increased every quarter and not all sit in the top quartile of satisfaction. Our clients matter to us. 
5. We obsess about creating work that makes a meaningful difference - winning IPA awards for Ella's Kitchen, six British Arrows for 'Every Lesson Shapes a Life', and with 'Long Live the Local' the government freezing beer tax for Britain's Beer Alliance. 

Latest News


This month, Havas reprises Durex’s Ladies, Let’s Lube campaign with a cheeky nod to everyone whose January is a bit drier than expected.

The tactical press, social and OOH ad injects some double entendre into the concept of Dry January, as the question ‘Dry Jan?’ is answered simply with a bottle of Durex Naturals Intimate Gel and a call to action: Ladies, Let’s Lube.

It marks a light-hearted follow up to last year’s TV ad, a playfully knowing, fourth wall-breaking film from Fleabag and Killing Eve director Harry Bradbeer, which aimed to destigmatise female sexual discomfort and unlock better sex for everyone.

Discomfort during sex is a familiar feeling for many women, but few talk about it and less than 50% actually do something about it. That means that more than half of women are putting up with uncomfortable sex – despite the fact that women naturally feel a bit drier down there for two-thirds of their cycle.

In fact, nine out of ten women who use lube say that sex feels better – and, as the Ladies, Let’s Lube campaign points out, it’s totally natural to reach for the lube on those drier days.

Kate Lloyd, creative at Havas London says: “As part of Durex’s ongoing mission to normalise lube and help end uncomfortable sex, we thought we’d encourage people to get over any New Year blues with a little lube. While millions of Britons sign up to dry January, we want to remind them that sometimes it’s better to be wetter.” 

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