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Acerca de VCCP

VCCP prides itself on creating innovative and exciting advertising that transforms the fortunes of clients. 
For example, they helped O2 become market leaders within three years of launching. And once they started working with easyJet, their share price flew up from £4 to £14. 
VCCP has a motto: It only works if it all works. This means they can involve themselves in far more than just advertising. With a thorough understanding of each client's business, VCCP can challenge what's around it, and then transform it. 
With a desire to challenge the bad habits of the big global agencies, the agency is motivated by the belief that they can create a better type of agency - for the people who work there and the clients they serve. 
VCCP is the challenger network for challenger clients.

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Give me a compass, not a crystal ball

Don't obsess about what's going to change; think about the big ideas that remain stable.

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