TítuloYou Make It Corolla
Campaña You Make It Corolla
Anunciante Toyota Motor Corporation
Marca Toyota

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Acerca de Platige Image

Platige Image is a vehicle for creative endeavours with over 20 years of experience in creating stunning visuals and delivering technologically-advanced projects for the film, entertainment and advertising industries. Our work is focused primarily on great storytelling and we constantly seeking out new ways to craft narratives and boldly experiment with new media and we specializes in specializes in computer graphics, 3D animation and visual effects.
Our team comprises over 200 creative professionals: directors, art directors, graphic designers, animators and producers, all of whom have extensive expertise in animation and special effects work. Since it was formed over 20 years ago, the studio has built up an impressive array of awards and distinctions, including BAFTAs, EFAs, Goya Awards and SIGGRAPH Awards, as well as nominations for the Oscars, the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival and the Leone d'Oro at the Venice Film Festival.
In 2018 and 2019 we enlarged this list significantly with the awards and recognitions for “Another Day Of Life’’, our first foray into feature film production. After the premiere at Film Festival in Cannes, this hybrid of animation and documentary has conquered the hearts of critics and viewers and has won the titles of European Animated Feature Film at European Film Awards 2018, Best Animated Film at Goya Awards 2019, Audience Award at International Film Festival in Rotterdam, Grand Prize and Governor of Tokyo Award at Anime Festival or Best Animated Film at Premios Platino del Cine Iberoamericano. 

Latest News

Four Vega Awards for Platige Image

Cinematic created by our artists to "Metro Exodus" game is on top again. This time the trailer triumphs at Vega Digital Awards - "Artyom’s Nightmare" wins 4 trophies!

Vega Awards promote talented artists and their creative work in digital communication. The "Artyom’s Nightmare" trailer was entitled Canopus Winner three times as the best one in three categories: "Animation", "Game" and "Visual Effects". Moreover, Tomek Suwalski won the title of Centauri Winner for being second in "Directing" category.

Cinematic created by Platige artists for Deep Silver and 4A Games tells the story of Artyom and it takes place in a post-apocalyptic reality. The hero influenced by a mysterious boy experiences disturbing visions that move him in time and space. The trailer was based on the original script written by the director himself. Therefore it allowed us to show extremely different locations, and maintain the continuity of events at the same time. 


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