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Acerca de Voskhod

«Voskhod» — it’s advertising without borders: geographical,national, genre. Our clients (foreign and Russian) have alreadyappreciated the effectiveness of advertising, where creativity and mediaare united.
To move beyond — that has been our constant motto since 1996. 

Latest News

Creative Rebellion

Craving for changes is in the air in Russia. Entrepreneurs have always been the game-changers and creators. With its new ad campaign, Tochka Bank supports & inspires them to go on with their fight against all odds to make the world around them a better place.
Equal wages, fair prices, healthy competition are the values worth fighting for. Everyday entrepreneurs choose to fight with their businesses. Creative rebellion — their everyday routine — is the core idea of Tochka’s advertising communication. The Bank encourages to be brave, fight, improve and develop. Say it with your business.


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