TítuloThe Death of Mr. Peanut
Campaña R.I. Peanut
Anunciante Kraft Heinz
Marca Planters

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Acerca de VaynerMedia

VaynerMedia is a truly consumer-centric storytelling engine, leaning on the power of all our creative ideas to “find right” based on consumer reactions versus guessing and having to be right with our subjective opinions. The result? Powerful creative that works and is born from the consumer up. By understanding that creativity can come from anywhere, we are continuously forging new paths to innovative, creative solutions. 
VaynerMedia is constantly innovating and adapting their model to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the marketplace. It’s part of our DNA. VaynerMedia works differently because we’re built differently.

We are consumer-centric, not boardroom-centric
We respect the internet's impact on culture, not Madison Avenue’s
We have the humility and curiosity to find what’s right, not to debate it for months on end
We are all practitioners
We scale the unscalable
We value real consumer signals
We create ideas consumer-up, not ego-down
We believe that it’s our responsibility to deliver business results for our clients 

Latest News

Sonoma’s Floracal Farms Launches Contest to Help You Smoke With Style

Leading premium cannabis brand FloraCal Farms has this week launched, for a limited time only, their unique wine bottle-shaped bong as part of a new contest to encourage cannabis connoisseurs to smoke with sophistication and style.

FloraCal Farms hails from Sonoma County and as a leader in the premium cannabis space, it is affectionately known as "the wine of weed." To celebrate their heritage and unique connection to the wine country, FloraCal Farms has today launched “The Wine Bottle Bong Contest,” offering any cannabis user in California the opportunity to win one of 200 fully functional, hand blown wine bottle-shaped bongs.

Partnering with the brand’s creative agency, VaynerMedia LA, this campaign launch includes a number of videos showcasing the bong, a variety of social content, and print collateral for local dispensaries.

“As California’s premium purveyor of cannabis, Sonoma County has been home to FloraCal Farms since 2014. To highlight our new and exclusive Pheno Hunt series, we created the wine bottle bong as a fun way to showcase our local heritage and provide a unique and elevated experience to our customers.” - Ryan Cowell, California Brand Manager.

The contest kicks off this week and will run to June 27, when consumers who provide the most original, creative, and passionate descriptions of their “ultimate cannabis smoking experience” will be awarded their prize.

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