Meet the Interns: RPA's Samantha Toomey

RPA is very special with their “People First” mentality, and it’s more than just the words.

Tell us about your internship, what are your main responsibilities?

As an Account Management Intern for La-Z-Boy and ampm, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing two vastly different accounts with very different responsibilities. Both of my supervisors have exposed me to opportunities that the typical intern might not have. My daily routine consists of checking in with my team and helping them on assignment briefs, billing, competitive research, meeting notes, working on one-off projects, and continuing my summer-long intern project. This project is a “how-to” book on being an account intern. I am also working with HR to edit the book for all incoming interns.

Do you have a dream account or brand you’d like to work with? Which one?

I would love to work with Nike. As a brand, they have done an incredible job at staying current while still maintaining their image and brand. 

Talk to us about the culture in your office, how has it impacted your internship?

RPA is very special with their “People First” mentality, and it’s more than just the words. RPA makes a concerted effort to ensure that the desks are full of people that work hard and make amazing projects come to life, but also people that you would want to grab a drink with after work. This approach has allowed me to meet people and make connections in every department that will serve me long-term. During my two months at RPA, I have been able to do 30 informational interviews with different departments to gain a better understanding of every aspect of an agency. The informationals helped me to narrow down potential interests within an agency and to develop my network. Networking is the best way to make an impact, and RPA does a lot to ensure that the interns are given these opportunities.

What have you learned about the advertising industry that surprised you?

There is a lot that goes into making a successful campaign. For a new launch or spokesperson reveal, the process is complex. I was surprised by how much time and strategy goes into a project.

Choose a current popular advertising trend and tell us what’s interesting about it:

Targeted Instagram ads are huge right now. I think the combination of smarter consumers and digital-strategy tactics is causing advertisers to think smarter.

Imagine your dream job, where are you, what does a day-to-day look like?

My dream is to be on the executive board of a large agency in a major city. I want to be able to pitch new business and make influential decisions that have an impact on the direction of the agency and the industry. My day-to-day would be focused on building my team, preparing pitches for new business, and cultivating relationships with my peers and clients.

Are you considering another internship, or looking for jobs now? What are your next steps?

My graduation date isn’t until December 2019, so I’m starting to make a list of potential opportunities for another internship and for potential post-grad opportunities. Now that I have tried out L.A., I’m hoping to experience somewhere else before I graduate.

What is your favorite ad of all time?

Ironically, my favorite ad was created at RPA (where I am currently interning). I have a small obsession with The Rolling Stones, and RPA produced an ad for VH1 with Keith Richards. The concept explained the creative process behind one of  their most popular songs, “Satisfaction.”