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Point of View

I do like to describe it as my most successful relationship - something my fiancé hates.  leer más


The hardest part of creative process is explaining what’s in your head and making sure it appears the same way in someone else’s.  leer más


We’re even stronger creatives from when we first met, so joining forces again makes us feel pretty unstoppable.  leer más


Honestly, Nick and I work really well together. If there’s a disagreement on creative, we usually talk it out.  leer más


We’ve gotten into the habit of starting most of our conversations with some sort of mental health check-in instead of just diving straight into...  leer más

Point of View Creativity

As long as you open your mind to what your partner is saying and see the potential even in a stupid idea, you can make any partnership work and...  leer más


Writing is half the battle, talking and presenting is the true test. Make your voice heard.   leer más


First and foremost, we’re homies. That always comes first.  leer más


Pick a partner you can rely on. Ask a lot of questions, always offer to help other people out, and don’t be afraid to say what’s on your mind...  leer más