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I think we need to strike the balance between telling great African stories and using local insights, which still connect with a larger global...  leer más

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Porter will oversee strategy for all clients including Twitter and SoundCloud, among other clients launching this fall.   leer más

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I help give us a creative voice, keep teams inspired and cohesive, and keep eyes on everything that comes through the door.  leer más


We’ve established a very strong relationship with Pilot by listening.  leer más

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RPA is very special with their “People First” mentality, and it’s more than just the words.   leer más

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Tony Chambers, brand and content director of design magazine Wallpaper*, is the president of the 2018 Epica Awards jury. Here he talks about the...  leer más

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This was my first internship within the agency world, I think it really gave me a good introduction into how agencies work.  leer más

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Everyone here is very approachable and happy to help with anything I need.   leer más

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Everyone was so willing to share their passions, answer my questions, and teach me as much as possible.   leer más

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One of DDB’s core principles is that you “have to be talented and you have to be nice.”   leer más