POV: Director, Robert Llauro

Any "creative career" is difficult. Because you gotta be really passionate about it and you gotta work really hard everyday.

POV: Director

How would you describe what you do?
As a director, my is focus is on creating sensitive pieces that convert a concept or story through poetic and unexpected images. I love doing embellished cinematic storytelling, docu-realism, human feeling, dark and edgy, cool and esthetic films. My goal is creating moods that make you feel something, rather than actually saying it.
How did you get into this job?
It all started when I felt in love with films as a kid. After high school I attended film school in Buenos Aires and NYC afterwards. In the meantime, I shot a few music videos and short films. I started working at Landia as creative consultant & second unit director for Agustin Alberdi & Andy Fogwill. That led to directing, and after a few cool projects I was awarded as 2012 New Talent. After that it has been traveling and shooting everywhere, being passionate for each project I do and wanting to explore new horizons each coming year.
What is most challenging about what you do?
Well... It's probably fulfilling my own creative expectations. Im very hard on myself and I always get deeply involved with each board I receive. So I always like to think that if I understand the needs from each brief and boards, I'll deliver a great film. I put my heart during all the process. So delivering great treatments, working deep in pre-productions, doing smooth but profound PPM's, shooting in a timely manner yet being able to do not only what we agreed on but also thinking out of the box and trying new things is key for each job.
What is most rewarding?
A_ When I see my own work after a year and I still feel proud of it.
B_ Of course receiving acknowledgment for good team work with clients and agencies is always rewarding.
What’s a typical work week like?
My weeks can be divided just like a the steak doneness. Rare/Medium/Well done. In rare weeks -when I ain't working- I can catch a movie at 1PM on a cloudy Tuesday. Medium weeks are full of treatments, uncountable hours of briefing and planing calls, visual references, time schedules, hopes and dreams. And Well done.. y'all probably know how intense it can get around the shooting days.
What needs to happen the most in order for a shoot to run smoothly?
We all have to listen to each others needs in advance. Clients, agencies and production companies. It's a team work and we all have our own expectations and dreams. A good pre-production leads to a great PPM, where everybody's needs are taken care of. And then, at the shoot, there's not much to chat about. We all know what we need to aim for and we have a plan to do so. I certainly believe that's a smooth shoot.
Whats your best job/worst job?
I guess Im always trying to make my next job my best job. So "the best job" would be yet to come, forever... Regarding the worst job, I always try to pitch for thing I like. And if I get to do the job is because they liked my vision. You can certainly make mistakes sometimes, but "worst job" is definitely a very negative concept to label any past experience.
What advice would you offer someone considering a career as a Director?
I guess many answers will be "get a real degree", so I'll avoid going that path. My honest answer is that any "creative career" is difficult. Because you gotta be really passionate about it and you gotta work really hard everyday. You don't do it for the money, you don't do it for others. In the end you do things for yourself. Because they make you feel good. Because it's what you love doing. It's like with someone you love, there's no logical explanation for it. I guess what Im trying to say is that if you want to be a director you better be sure of it. Because even though it can be quite a rocky road, you'll enjoy everyday of it if it's your passion.
If you had one project that you could post on AdForum to represent your work, what would it be?
Hmm... For commercial purposes I should probably chat with my EP and rep first and come back to you guys...
Finally tell us something that most people don’t know about being a Director?
The moments when everybody sees a director you are always dressed in your best clothes, surrounded by your entourage, and everybody listen to you carefully and trust your word. But that's just 25% of being a director. The other 75% is mostly alone time, thinking.